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ethyreal Nov 2013
and through the pane of glass,
beyond this musky scent developed from
my living secretions of skin and blood and *****;
is the pinnacle of a human condition lacking in my placid genes.
rusted fingers on clone-like machines, screens,
that scream into the ears of jaded men.
A new day!
it rings out through my entire street,
but they all drudge through grey hallways,
for cheap coffee and soggy flakes of flavourless cereal.
curtains closed to the sun.

the lines on their faces,
corrugated to match  the lines on their garage doors.
and with a well-worn-in suit
their car door and shed door open simultaneously.
"no time to breathe in the spring air filling their diesel-filled shed"
I thought.
And with the roaring of the engine,
and the car-port opening wider and wider to the world,
the rusted husks of decaying metal
recoiled into their greater-shells with dissonant creaks.
and it was then I noticed this scraping of steel
had become an orchestra,
or a dreary opera, so apathetically choreographed
for all the sagged faces and fatigued hearts
in the entire drone-army of identical town-houses.
all around me, like bees burdened with their bodies worth of pollen,
one by one, their diesel-pods and people movers
left their hives.
and one by one the rusted-razor blade howling of garage doors
ceased, and the engines had pursued the black tar-road
off further into the distance.
and though the sun shined with such benevolence,
one by one, each car's sun-roof closed,
shades pulled down, blinded willingly to the light.
ethyreal Nov 2013
Tracing the path to higher consciousness
with trembling toes and withering eyes.
beyond the picket fence I saw the
very essence of human suffering.

An abyss of deceit and I was just staring.
within arms reach but something stopped me
from lending myself to an almost hopeless cause.
it was my skin, my flesh.
and boy had it been some time;
the rigidity of bone holding my arms in place.
But as I reached towards these dying people
my skin just couldn't reach.

So I reverted back to my ethereal self
continuing this journey,
trying to blur the overwhelming of the cries around me.
but my intentions are not so selfish as they seem;
how could I spread peace to others
without having found my own?
ethyreal Nov 2013
And the stars on this blood red night;
Wisps of light dancing like
Skeletal ballerinas, crimson eyed.
Black blood stained their teeth
And I held onto my bed sheets
As they descended upon me.
Satanic starlight and ebon hallucinations,
My covers served no refuge.
No refuge.

They came in waves, and I was
Almost falling into these planes of darkness
Dropped upon me by demonic dancing girls,
Like panes of glass falling from a cargo jet.
Yet I smiled.
I was sm**iling
ethyreal Nov 2013
I always attributed that
                 Sickeningly earthy smell of
                                          ***** bongs caked in hash resin
                                                                     To your equally filthy smile

So I take my pleasures from
              A bottle and a sterile pack of pills.
                                       Because that sweet smelling nugget
                                                                          Will always reek of you.
ethyreal Oct 2013
I measured my shudders in touches.
And you had me shaking like a stray dog
Left out in the rain, howling and desperate.
ethyreal Oct 2013
And the dust
made up the desert of my organs.
my blood had become a thick clay,
heart pumping red tar
in my drought-ridden flesh.

I had reached them,
the great pyramids.
But in their looming figures my body found no comfort.
Spluttering muddy phlegm,
regurgitating blood,
and skin flaking from my crisped nose.

I yelled, screaming for Ra's blessing.
But all I got was the hollow touch
of Osiris's green tinted skin.
ethyreal Oct 2013
husks of albino spiders crumbling
deep within the bowels of icy caves.

shells of those speckled black and brown,
rolling like tumbleweed across dead plains.

orange fangs slimed with millenniums of muck,
drowning deeper into the bogs, each inch worth a thousand years.

glossy black  carcasses entwined in their own webs,
swollen abdomen draining, but growing heavy with dust and gnats.
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