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Eth Sykes Aug 2014
spine numbs along the palm of my hands
they say love is contradiction  
and I'm epically sinking
containing my heart within, breathing under your skin
under the sea
I'm afraid to flow
I'm blinded by the brightness of the crystal waves the sunset forms
you're planting pieces of you within me and I'm watering them

I don't mind breathing the air
as long you're their

-I'm already floating-

shifting to paradise
reality is the fiction
for now the image is leaking
letters are flying of the book
possessing us
the main characters are flesh
and blood
skin to skin
Eth Sykes Feb 2014
Her sophisticated soul exhibited in the mind of a goddess
cursed with your spells
got a dark cloud composing my thoughts, and it happened of how beautifully the moonlight kisses that darkness
Killed me with your knife but I knew your touch is so gentle and I've died happy between your arms
you spelled words like heaven that I longed to feel them against my lips
thought you were part of my reality
turned out that you belong to my dreams
There behind the ocean
Hearing your heartbeats rhyming with the waves
Creating a symphony of a life time
A scene worth capturing, hanged on the wall of our hearts

absents minds got lost -intentionally

Eth Sykes Jan 2014
Immense beauty at one scene that flips back into my memory
I can't deny that I've adored every single bit of them.
have you fell from heaven?
You prefect me and I wasn't a fan of perfection
But since then, I'm a perfectionist in loving you
Your silent sighs are unwritten book, you kidnapped my soul through
It's lines. oh those eyes, i'm drowning in that ocean, never wanting to find a way back. your waves shifts me to places I've only dreamed of.
I long to your fixed silence where i study the lines of your face tracing it along against my neck. Your fingerprints are pressed against my skin but I'm bleeding.
I'm prisoner inside your heart yet I can write poems between each heartbeat of yours, it won't bore me. you see my goosebumps and you crack that smile; it's a trap. how i never want to look away. you're suffocating me
your words are written art just as you're one.
You gaze back at me and and I feel you touching my heart; you feel like paradise as I lay between your arms.
should i question paradise yet?
I ran away to the sound of your voice  where my body sleeps, I ran away with the touch of your lips , where my mind floats.
you make love in sin-cere ways, but is it a dream or a nightmare?
is it too soon to call me yours?

It's 4:00 am, I woke up and no one was beside me.
Eth Sykes Dec 2013
If you had five seconds to spare, I’d tell you how heaven’s feel like
I’d kiss you your lips so softly you wouldn’t noticed time passing
You’ll poison me,and I’ll lose myself
Into you

Music will be our drug.
I’ll play the weeknd on the stereo, and spell you poetry of how glorious you are, because I’m sure that scene would make permanent one.
I’ll lie against your chest and hear your heart beats and sing on their melody

you are that thin line between the contraction of light and dark
A paradox of sins and pureness
A cracked diamond, a perfect flaw.

— The End —