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stargazer Jun 2014
As an impending doom gripped her at night,
Her demons rose up and announced a war,
She fought with such courage, such zeal,
But that wasn't enough to take them down all.

As the battle continued, she ought to still fight,
Blood was spilt on the battlefield till dawn,
That night her body covered with scars,
Not just scars, but bruises too,
So beautiful, yet so vile
These were the battle wounds of a determined young girl,
This was the proof that she was a fighter for life.

With a heart full of hope and such sparkle in her eyes,
The demons came and took it all away.
They left her with nothing, except anything self-destructive,
This was all so unproductive.
It was all in her head
Happiness was just an illusion,
She was lost in her own confusion,
She couldn't drown her demons,
Because they knew how to swim.

Finally one day she dropped her silver sword,
She swallowed her pride as emptiness surrounded her soul,
She dropped her big smile as her lungs gasped for air.
Ans she whispered to herself
                                 "I can't do this anymore"
Just because the scars heal doesn't mean the pain does too
stargazer Jun 2014
I could kiss you in the middle of the most peaceful field,
surrounded by lovely sunflowers,
where the breeze is as light as a feather,
where the sky is full of swallows,
and the moment our lips would align,
the breeze would turn into the most destructive hurricane you've ever seen, destroying cities that seemed indestructible,
we'd be surrounded by bright red roses with spiky little thorns, whose perforation could be lethal,
a group of eagles would fly upon us leaving us panic-struck.

This is how strong my love is for you,
Total bewilderment in my head, a major roller coaster in my heart rate,
breathlessness in my lungs, but somehow plague in my heart.
i love you way too ******* much, that's all
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