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Erica O Jan 2013
please leave me alone
I'll run off the face of the earth if you so please
but do not think of me

stop telling me to stop
stop yourself and I wont need to
just breathe
and leave
anxiety attack poem
Erica O Jan 2013
y o u  w i l l  n  e v e r  e  v e n  c a r e  
that I scraped my knee in 8th grade
that I will never scratch off the scab with lime juice and sugar
I  w i l l  n e v e r  b r e a t h e
the same breath as you
while we stand in comfort
t h i s  i  s   m y   p r o m i s e  t h a t
you will never care for me
I've been watching Community and listening to Selena a little more than usual.
Erica O Jan 2013
When I was a little girl
I wondered about too many things
I thought too much

I still am little
With much to learn
But I know now so much new

I thought I was a boy
But no, I am a girl
I was always a girl

I thought I liked boys
But no, I like girls
I had always liked girls

This aesthetic crush is getting the best of me
And I honestly don't know what to do
I merely want to kiss you once, maybe twice

I still am a little girl
I still think too much
But I think I'll let this one slide
cute boYSSSSS;S;S;;;S;
Erica O Jan 2013
dear kiel,
remember all those months ago
when you had to guess what I was
how scared I was when you meant "now"
but all that came after was smiles
beautiful bashful smiles that someone understood

well, something funny happened today
a boy played a trick on me
I thought he was serious
and now he won't talk to me
it's funny, I thought he'd understand
I accidentally outed myself in History class today.
That kid was the first non-friend non-therapist person I had ever (even if I did it indirectly) told I was a big gay.
Erica O Jan 2013
I can't handle all this sadness!
This never-ending pressure laps at my being
I can't handle this affection
It eats me alive
Nothing is sane
When everything makes you want to cry

the music plays and tears begin
but I have my bearings once again
the emotion rolls waves on my frame
I can breathe
just sobs and listens to The Smiths
Erica O Jan 2013
you scream
you cry
you die alone
you live and breathe
and die

you shiver
you guilt
you live alone
you bleed and scream
and die

she doesn't like girls the way you do

you wish
you hope
you dream alone
you listen and speak
and die
wow really depressing but I had to get it out of my system
Erica O Jan 2013
six days to six months
I'm the second girl you love(d)
but I'm happy I had a shot

I want to explore
free of your judgement
you swore I needed to grow a backbone

look at me be so raw and surreal
look at me with those hopeless eyes

I only wish the best to you, I swear
Chem class.
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