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Eric De Sousa Sep 2013
All these questions,
Who, What and Why ?
And is it I who must be saved ?
All I've seen
Is all I've known,
Raised in chains inside a Cave.
Do I dare see the Light ?
And do I dare see at all ?
I live a life deceived
By these Shadows on the wall.
Eric De Sousa Aug 2013
Once there was a straw...
Eric De Sousa May 2013
You the are ripple in a pond that once lay still.
And I wonder if the wind could speak would it ever reveal
why the sky sheds such a solemn tear?
Mountains will roar Loud and Fierce;
But the pond, it always lay still.
Through thunderous storms and endless downpours
it remained serene.
A peaceful pond,
until you intervened.
That single clouds tear sparked a ripple that would never disappear-
a ripple that refuses to adhere to the known laws of this sphere.
As if the roots of the tree grew above the tallest leaves
so high it could see beyond the seven seas;
my world, upside down.
As if the beating of a bold heart broke through the skin to show all its scars;
My pond, unsound.
Grasped by your ripple.
Unable to breathe.
Unable to drown

— The End —