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JS Sep 2015
Staring out a window
just looking at LA.

Tribulations in our streets
I see them everyday.

People walking round
so misdirected
and I
share a common place.

Getting by day by day from some divining grace.-JS
Los Angeles CA USA
JS Sep 2015
whats it like
to have no one?

Have no one
be no one's son,
love no one
so no one loves,
drugs a bit
but who was drugs?

She's the answer
of who
who was.

She was who?

a constant buzz,
buzzing around
a constant bug,
bugging for thoughts
but wheres the bud?

Budding up crops
of regretted hugs,
hugging the lost
to share the grudge,
grudging the thought
of being judged,
judging yourself
cause there's no love.-JS
donde esta el amor?
JS Sep 2015
I feel you, I really do.
Guess what my father wasn't there too,
a bunch  of substitutes but no one solid.
A bunch of institutes couldn't give me solace.

You'll wonder about fishing
and camping trips too.
You'll wonder about shaving
or using a tool.

You'll learn from your friends
some of the above,
then you'll learn on your own
and feel so unloved.

You'll get into trouble
and a couple of fights,
you're living and learning
its the way of life.

No worries though,
I'm here to tell you,
If you give it you're best they'll see the value.

So don't fret my boy for I am you, keep faith stay strong and you'll make it through.-JS
lost my father when I was 4
JS Sep 2015
How can I write what i cant remember . . . . . .
As the days go by memories are rendered . . . . . .
Stolen through time . . . . . .
Leaving me dismembered . . . . . .
surrendered memories is how time seems to be pleased
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