commune, o lovers!
follow the stars!
your manna is not yet redeemed!

stand guard, lovers!
your sweet contraband
sets tired souls to envy!
emma jane page Dec 2017
one for each deep voice
one for every remark, snide, in passing
one for each neck craned, speaking down

the furnace is fed.

one for each space taken up
one for every conversation commandeered
one for each "sure about that?"

a round in the chamber

one for each man unaccustomed
to solid-footed women
armed with nothing less than
emma jane page Dec 2017
i am up on a ladder
scrambling the marquee letters

an anagram for new kid

i wanted to know about you
so i put up a sign about me

an anagram for tonight!
(got the hint!)
(hold on tight!)

i step back from the glow
backwards through traffic
in thursday's best
the best i've got

i don't mind the waiting
(thaw, ignite)
if you'll find me here

we could share your silence
like an umbrella
and you could turn and twist your letters
until they spoke to me too
(smoke poet)
emma jane page Nov 2017
born barefoot
lightning smack midsummer

thunder clap from
some miles away

grey eyed child
all the better to
fill with color
emma jane page Nov 2017
no one's ever called me anything like queen
sat at a table for many
snipping cannabis leaves
shedding something else too

and the blood drained
from my face
the trees drained
down to us,
the underbrush,
the creatures trailside

when the lacquer wore off
we started shedding something else

something so transparent
must be new,
looked through,
must stand to be clouded
emma jane page Oct 2017
when the sun rises
i try to blink it away

your new girlfriend,
my new someone
and all the old ones too

if i want to live the right way
i can't lie the light away
emma jane page Oct 2017
a color i've never seen before
talks to me about my
problems with men

two steps ahead of me
so i let him lead
let him tell me everything i know

let him face me with a truth
stark as a steeple
leftover from days when believers
flocked in droves to high places

and i thought
maybe we can only be worth
what we're willing to give away

maybe our deaths and our debts
lie latent
until the final tally

maybe i'll always have
problems with men
and no matter what i do
they'll never have anything
to do with Jesus

a color i've never seen before
talks to me about how
i'm the problem
and i laugh
and i try
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