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Emma Brown Mar 2013
If the angels sang in silence,
In the portrait on your wall,
Would you see the red lips moving,
Telling stories of their Fall?

If you walked along a pathway,
Neither street nor silent wood,
Would you go to all the places,
That you never thought you could?

If you smiled a little warmer,
At the girl who passed you by,
Would you look closer at her bruises,
And think to ask her why?

If the darkness held some colour,
For the spirits locked away,
Would you paint a better picture,
Of a shining summer's day?

If your mother held her arms out,
And laughed through all the tears,
Would you take her place of power,
And hold back all her fears?

We always think we notice,
But we still stand too far back,
To see what's right before us,
And perceive just what we lack,

It's a humble sort of vision,
When you let go of the wheel,
When you breathe the sweet air blowing,
And take the chance to feel.
Emma Brown Mar 2013
Look me in the eye and smile like it's over,
You thought you'd get lucky but I'm no four-leaf clover,

And this time it's fine because you say that I'm stronger,
You sure aren't my critic, I've done it much longer,

I'll play games with you with a feeling that's fake,
Just remember there's only so much I can take,

I'll laugh and I'll cry with this heart turned to stone,
We're surrounded by people, but we're both so alone,

It's two parts a tragedy, two parts a lie,
And I'd shed you a tear if I knew how to cry,

It's about time you tumbled, prepare for the fall,
I won't feel anything, nothing at all,

They all want to be you, they think you're so kind,
I think they'd think twice if you showed them your mind,

I know that you hear me, you feel me right there,
I'll keep watching you struggle while you still try to care,

Put together the pieces, just sit back and wait,
I'd tell them of darkness if they could see all my hate,

They love who I am, but I just can't see her,
Because when I open my eyes, there's your face in the mirror.
Emma Brown Feb 2013
We stand,
Drawn ahead by the light,
We seek it,
It shines for us like a seductive saviour,
Because in it, we see repentance.
We walk,
Pushed forward by the screams of our pasts,
We move on,
It is what we are raised to do,
Because looking back would hurt too much.
As is the attraction and rejection of living,
An insurmountable sensation,
Like iambic pentameter of a Shakespearean play,
We are loathe to stray from it,
So we draw from what we have learned,
Our trials, our triumphs, our "not-quite-enoughs",
But we never turn back,
We keep our eyes to the sunrise,
Because we have nothing if not hope,
Of a better day.
Emma Brown Jan 2013
An endless crowd, a sea of eyes,
They'll stand by you, they're your disguise,

But you're alone in your unity, your impossible wall,
For when the going gets tough, it's a free-for-all,

And you can swear up and down what you have is real,
But you can't lie me about what you feel,

I see the cold sensation you just can't shake,
Keep fooling yourself, but your smiles are fake,

I'll be waiting here, in the wonderland snow,
It's a place very real, where the fake can't go,

Close your eyes for a moment, just peer through the fold,
To the world far beyond, where you can't grab hold,

Drop into my arms, give up on it all,
Take a breath, take a step, take a moment, and fall.
To those who pretend they are someone they're not.  We, the people you lie to, will wait until you're ready to be yourself.
Emma Brown Nov 2012
You are strong.

You are a victory song,
You are a war won,
You are a survivor.

You make right what's wrong,
You are the beaming sun,
You have so much to live for.

You are a winter's sigh,
You are the summer's kiss,
You are spring wind blowing.

You can leap so high,
Your smile is bliss,
You must keep going.

Be strong.
Dedicated to the survivors of this world.
Emma Brown Nov 2012
Through the vein,
Through the heart,
It's a cycle,
It's a start,

It's all life,
It's all death,
Every sound,
Every breath,

It's in "this",
It's in "what",
Body draining,
Paper cut,

Deep inside,
Eyes can see,
All of you,
All of me,

In our prayer,
In our song,
Every right,
Every wrong,

Warm and thick,
Cold and thin,
Life and praises,
Death and sin,

Carried forever,
Always lost,
Our giving pleasure,
Our darkest cost.
Emma Brown Nov 2012
Are you afraid of the dark?
Do you stray from the night?
Are you safe in the glow of a candle’s light?

And do you hold a friend’s hand,
When you pass through the eve,
While imagining evils youth often perceive?

It’s a little bit funny,
And a little bit sad,
But the darkness, you see, really isn’t that bad,

It’s misunderstood,
Hated and feared,
Distrusted and dreaded since the monsters appeared,

They may own it now,
But they didn’t before,
The day was once host to the evils of lore,

But we still fear the things,
That we don’t see or know,
And in the cover of daytime, the evils don’t show,

So we fear the things,
That go bump in the dark,
But the daytime, you see, is no walk in the park,

Those monsters exist,
All around you, I fear,
And because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t here,

They walk all around you,
In a humanlike guise,
And possess the trusted, the loved and the wise,

Monsters walk in the daylight,
They’re all over the place,
Behind the eyes of a stranger or a familiar face,

But when the sun goes down,
Their masks pull away,
And the monsters emerge from the humans of day,

So you see, night is scary,
But the light is a curse,
So I ask you, please answer:

*Which one is worse?

— The End —