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 Sep 2012 go away
Sarah Bat
I want to be fluent in you like a language
I want to roll you across my tongue like a Spanish R
Feel you catch in my throat like a French E
I want to memorize you like an Italian sonnet
And recite you like Shakespeare
 Jul 2012 go away
Sarah Bat
 Jul 2012 go away
Sarah Bat
it is late
but not that late
and the wind blows against the side of the house
and the rusted metal eaves creak with the weight of their age outside my window
and i think that i might like to lay beside you
and listen to the world outside
while the wind howls and time streams by mollasses slow
and you will keep me warm
and i will keep you warm
maybe we will watch childrens movies
and huddle together like children frightened of the wind
and maybe we will fall asleep
and maybe we wont
it has been so long
since i was able to feel familiar with someone
but i think i could feel it again
with you

— The End —