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Ember Bryce May 2015
I'm getting out to pursue within.
Appearing insane through the eyes of most.
A toast, to the late great sheep, who was always only half asleep.

Questions from the mind combined with adventure
emancipating an explorer of experience.
Delirious, with eyes wide open,
seeking an ancient truth.

Love is the answer, love is what I got, love is what I will give..
But not within these walls I live.
My little run away, always astray but never lost
a fine cost for a life to create.

"What will you do?
How will you make money?"
A reality I despise.

I prefer, "how will you rise, bring others up?"
How will you help change what is ****** up!?"...

"Look inside!" My mind screams, shoving my lesser self to the seams.
                 It is more difficult, with all these other voices,
                                                     to listen.
                                              (close eyes, breath)
'Ignore what is not, and go with your flow.'

I exult my arms above my crown,
light up the heavens form the ground.
A request of peace.
through the vibrations in your soul.

My goal, is to grow
within and without.
Ember Bryce Apr 2015
She's not gone. She's still right here.
In your smile, in your laugh,
in that awkward way you stand sometimes.
In that urge to break out into a song or dance.
In the way the wind blows your hair toward the mountains, making you gaze over them in amazement, knowing that is where you belong.
She is in the sudden bursts of artistic inspiration.
She is in every flower that opens, every star that sparkles, and every time you think of the word love. She is there, smiling with you, laughing with you, dancing with you.
Ember Bryce Oct 2014
When I take notes in school,
I write down what I want to know,
for my own personal growth.
Not necessarily what's going to be on the next test or quiz,
which I believe sometimes are two completely different things.
I copy what gives me interest or intrigue
and what I think I should see.
I am not going to let myself over-look information I deem important
to conform to cirriculum and write down what the masses are.
It screws with my grades.
But I'd rather have the satisfaction of knowledge inside me than on a piece of paper.
Call me selfish, but I think the school system and who runs it is selfish."
Ember Bryce Oct 2014
This is the kind of note I hope you all have an addition to..

I think I've come to a realization. Just watched "waking Life" for the first time the other day and I've ALWAYS been super curious about dreams. The many discussions with my roommate Jenay Breden the many talks on deja vu with Ben Masters, and many others, I am open with dreams and like i said very curious and good at asking questions (To me it is kind of wrong because I feel dreams tell A LOT about people so I am getting all this information from someone and they think they are jsut telling me a silly dream that means nothing.) A dream is an opening into your soul and psyche. Its very personal yet can be profoundly universal.. Anyway, I had a strange dream last night: (haha though all dreams are strange)
but the premis of it was a personal moral I feel I had to overcome at this moment in time..

not all dreams are the same, it might not be a moral, but the conquering of a long journey. For example I've had many a re-occuring dream where I would be on a quest and every time I have not completed it but the next time I dremt it I got further. Till one night I will complete it, then not have the dream again..

about half my dreams are scary on all sides of spectrum, from having family in danger, to other dark things.. to monsters, to death, running from someone/thing, to real-life-stuff to not-so-real-stuff, to parkouring in a mansion while my friends and I throw random objects at each other (i know.. what? haha).
Random dreams about things I desire, or fullfilment of life goals (one time I wrote a song on the piano in my dream) or the dream I had about swinging on the vines in the jungle before my bday.
Such as adventure dreams: flying is a huge thing i do in my dreams that I savor each moment of. A very-young-me dream was I was a sto-away on a pirate ship, but it was fun to travel through the maze of hidden spots..
Or maybe other dreams that aren't so much scary, but things I fear happening. Like a boyfriend cheating, or losing money. I mean, we all have these dreams.
My girl Ashleigh was telling me how her and her boy, had a similar dream the same night.
I see random people I know, and people I don't know.. yet
Such as deja vu. Ever since I had the theory a couple years about deja vu being a dream you once had, I have only encountered moments that attest to this.
Almost every deja vu Ive had I remember it being from a dream.. How can your mind know what is going to happen in the future?
We all might have heard that our mind and the universe are one. In many ways you know. examples: positive and negative affirmations, how the way we think spans subconsciously to others (when you're thinking of someone and they all of a sudden call or text you), we are all connected, etc
SO, if the universe IS our mind (and our souls are connected to this unvierse, to each other) and the universe has no time, because how can you put a tangible definition to something intangible, (i also got that from reading "universe in a nutshell" by Sir Steven Hawking).. then the universe/your mind, already knows the many paths your physical self can take in future, past, and present.
But WHY then (always my question:WHY), why then would it want to show you this glimpse into 'the future'...?
I will leave with a lucid dream I had one night:
a re-occuring place in my dreams I've noticed is a housing complex that is many stories tall where many people of many different ages and ethnicities live.
In this particular dream we are being chased not by zombies or aliens but a mix of the two, they look like the creatures from 'I Am Legend'.
I first noticed I was 'just in a dream' when one of them was chasing me up a flight of stairs and i fell, on my **** hands and legs scrambling up I saw it come for me and kept telling myself to 'wake up wake up!' and i might have for a second or two but then right back to sleep. When i realized there was no way out of this and that it was: 'MY dream, i could do what i wanted with what I had' (sound familiar to one's waking life? hmmm) before this whole moment I had run out of amo and had no gun so was at a lose to be easy prey. I was in the basement with everyone else of the house or others who had run in for shelter, and the beings were on their way downstairs. All of a sudden I thought 'there is a gun on the person in front of you and it is loaded' i grab the gun and with excitement but uncertainty I shot at the beings, and sure enough, they one by one fell down. WE were all, now, safe. Then it cut to a scene that we were all at a bar dancing and celebrating. haha
I am excited that i have lucid dreamed before but its not like once you do it from then on you are capable of it, it is very rare for me to lucidly dream, but still very exciting.

Please Please coment and tell me ANYTHING relatable to this. your dream, your thoughts, your theories, your deja vu, your disagreements.. I am very intrigued. I would create a blog somewhere but have no idea where to start, so i started here..
I tagged people I know and love and people i've noticed who have also taken interest on any subject I've mentioned.
Sorry for anyone I missed but please feel free to comment anyways if you see this and are not tagged
"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, no matter if I said it, only if it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."
Ember Bryce Oct 2014
How Beautiful it is, this Gift of Life!
           The Gift To Be!
The Irony is.. it is what you Perceive.
       How Vast your Ontology.
Idiosyncrasy shows you,
    what you know either Flows you,
              or Stills your Will to Grow.
To be Happy is a choice!
To be ignorant in an Age of Information,                  or to have a Voice?
The Absurdity is--
Our Transcendent Consciousness is within an Immense Majority of Reality.
            We are but a small Human Form; a speck in Space and Time.
                  Each Chain of Action holds many Justifications, and We are the Authority.
If there is no Reason to Believe that Anything Matters.
        Then the Opposite must be true.
     There is Reason to Believe that Everything Matters.
That is the Irony:
          We, as Conscious Beings Knowing!!
                    - Yet only Knowing that which we want to fit into our Epistemology and Ontology.
Perception: We See and Do only what our Self Allows us.
               The Collision of Reality and Perception within us, is like Chains Binding us.
Yet, we hold the Key to our Freedom..

                                                         "All of a Sudden I said, 'Could you Believe!?'"
-Inspired by the philosophy of Absurdism.
Ember Bryce Mar 2014
Dance away to the dream domain.
Sleep sounds surreal to the insane,
body remains, mind flies.
She tries to close her eyes..

Please sleep, become of me,
like a rock to my feet in a mental ocean;
dragging me deeper to the depths-
Mind that won't stop, Thoughts that wont be.
Is it I who calls to them or them who calls to me?

Restless awakening,    is
a blind man's curse to one day see.

"I think therefore I am,"
a man once said.
On an Island in a book, that
a girl once read.

Born of the stars I'd be so wise,
To spread my wings and swim the skies.
Mind flies, body remains
dancing away to the dream domain.

(Instrumental break)

"Fly me to the Moon,"
a man once said.
On a record, in a room,
with a ******* her bed.

Restless awakening, cannot be tamed
a wild heart with a pretty name.

They came with swords, I came with words.
Above the clashes, they cannot be heard.
From the ashes arise a bird
open your eyes
and fly away.
Ember Bryce Feb 2014
Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is 'man' in a higher sense— he is 'collective man'— one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic forms of mankind.
When art comes to you, you must get it out before it flows through you
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