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Jul 28 · 36
legitimacy of life
Emaan Masood Jul 28
the mind conceives thought
for imagination to be born,
yet fantasy is forsaken
and reality fosters the heart

truth be told
mortality is a mess,
for what awaits the soil
may rest in its ruins
Apr 19 · 59
04:18 am
Emaan Masood Apr 19
unpredictably of the future
birthing a nightmare

diversity of thought
counters the heart

lack of sleep
stretching the night

annihilation of the past
cleanses a soul
Apr 8 · 91
trust fall
Emaan Masood Apr 8
i reached for you,
held you in my arms
you breathed in my scent
and it brought you calm

your eyes met mine
they gleamed with pride
you soaked me in
your soul tied to mine

i was a fool
the blame is mine
you were right in front of me
all this time

you had my back
i took the fall
not thinking twice
if we'll make it out alive
Mar 30 · 66
letting go
Emaan Masood Mar 30
how soothing it is
to let go of the past;
a sigh of relief,
and no trace of grief

i always thought
i weighed too much
too naive to learn
this was never my concern

it's such a relief
being free;
a peaceful night's sleep,
and a blissful dream
Emaan Masood Mar 30
for a split second
your eyes bore into mine
for there's an evil inside
who once was a believer

your aura lifted mine
under that vast sky
for you're dead inside
who once survived

you whispered secrets
you were at fault
for you to fail
who once was a vault

there's a knife in my back
with my blood on your hands
for you to disown
who once was your own
Mar 29 · 207
Emaan Masood Mar 29
you were a part of the lies
i grew up in

you were a part of the curse
i grew up to

you were a part of the destiny
i grew out of
Feb 5 · 136
the walls
Emaan Masood Feb 5
they weren't meant to separate us
all i wanted was to know if you'd still climb them
to reach me

yes, i'm talking about the walls you thought i built around me
Jan 29 · 184
never enough
Emaan Masood Jan 29
on my birthday
everyone wished me
saying i'd get everything i wanted

truth is
i don't want anything

the only thing i wanted
was you

and everything took you away
from me

the wishes won't be enough
the prayers won't be enough
the tears won't be enough

because my love for you
was never enough
Jan 29 · 123
Emaan Masood Jan 29
it's been a while
i know you feel it
i do too

was this it?
everything we built
was meant to end at this?

it's been a while
since i've been the reason
for that smile

the one that reached your eyes
and swelled my heart
oh so tight

but now your lips are clamped
with no words for me
as i have no words for you

the ones who wrote stories
of countless nights
have no words left
to say goodbye
Emaan Masood Jan 29
i hope you don't blame me
for where we are standing today

i know i talked about distance
of me getting away

but i promise to you
it's not me who let you go

i still remember our vows
of never letting go

but i can't hold onto you
once you've pulled away

i got tired too
of that vacant stare

and this is where time has brought us now
a stranger is what i see in you
Jan 29 · 52
blood stains
Emaan Masood Jan 29
i've started wearing
dark clothes
because i'm scared
you'd see the stains

stains of blood
on the left side of my chest
where my heart bleeds
every single minute of every single day

it once had a home
it once belonged to you

you had it in your palm
a vital piece of me
yet you squeezed it
and threw it away

and now it bleeds everyday
yearning for the one
who let it get away
Nov 2019 · 71
our way back
Emaan Masood Nov 2019
i can’t
i’m sorry i can’t
i want to
i really do
but please
be the first one
just this time
i promise it won’t happen again
i’ll mend my mistakes myself
but just this once
help me mend them
i need you
i really do
i can’t wait
this distance is killing me
it has been a while
i miss you
come back
to me
Nov 2019 · 191
unspoken words
Emaan Masood Nov 2019
i need to talk to you
there’s so much to say
but i can’t find the words
my mind’s going crazy
every aspect is bad
every situation gets worse
i can’t do this own my own
i need you to help
get me out of this mess
i need you to help me
get me out of my mind
i’m scared
i’m hurting myself
and everyone i love
i can’t do this anymore
you need to help me get out of here
Nov 2019 · 417
too late
Emaan Masood Nov 2019
i need to check the chains
make sure they’re tight enough
it’s too hard
i’m falling too fast
this shouldn’t be happening
i need to stop
before it gets bad
it’s already bad
who am i kidding
im hurtig myself
i shouldn’t be doing this
Emaan Masood Nov 2019
i can’t fall for another
i can’t commit this crime again
i can’t love someone; more than myself
why do i do this to myself
over and over again

once again i find myself
in the same situation
loving someone; who doesn’t love me back
or won’t
what is it really?
my appearance
my character
my voice
my heart

it’s dark; everything
i need to love myself
before i allow someone else to do it
but that’s not a problem
my story does not end in love
Nov 2019 · 68
an apology
Emaan Masood Nov 2019
i’m sorry
i don’t want to do this
but i have to
i can’t live like this
i can’t do this to you
i know you care
as do i
and sometimes the ones you care about
hurts you the most
i’m so sorry
this shall be done
i’ll cut down on our words
i’ll hide my emotions
i won’t tell you how my day has been
i won’t tell you i haven’t been eating properly, sleeping probably
i won’t tell you the pain i’m enduring
i won’t tell you what’s on my mind
i’m tired of finding the positive in every aspect
im sorry it’s all too draining
i guess my ****’s better with me
you’re better off without knowing it
i’ll save you the displeasure
as i care for you
far more than you do for me

— The End —