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Jul 2019 · 325
ema Jul 2019
you’ve seen me naked
your hazel eyes have gazed upon every inch of me
you watched me strip bare
down to nothingness
you have seen the worst and best parts of me
without even talking off my clothes
Jan 2019 · 76
ema Jan 2019
what are you to tell me if I am the most beautiful
out of all these other girls on the stage?
why are you a symbol of me being
above everyone else?
the theme of the pageant
is empowering young women
you put us against each other
to see who is the best
you don't see the insecure girls
crying because they don't feel
as good as the girl
you're sitting upon
tell me
why don't we all get crowns?
why is it based on beauty and popularity?
I doubt you can even
tell me what a real
empowered young woman is
very upset after I watched my local pageant. very very very upset. crowns and judges do not define me, nor anyone else

— The End —