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Elysianne Oct 2019
Each time a plane crosses the sky
my heart stays still
and I think of your smile

— Elysianne
I’ll never look at planes again the same way I did before meeting him.
Elysianne Oct 2019
In worthlessness and hopelessness
I had lost
my way

The treasury in misery
I don’t know how to cope with pain

— Elysianne
The cure is self-love
Elysianne Oct 2019
If I could make you fight for us
only in you I put my trust

If I could take away your pain
and tell you I will always stay

If I could even turn back time
for universe to give us signs

If I could show my love for you
to mend our bond and mend you too

— Elysianne
If only I could make you see, I’m with you all infinity.
Elysianne Sep 2019
Our hearts entwined
a silhouette
what might become
what might have been

I cannot reach you
I cannot reach
I know you will not to let me in

With walls so high
and eyes so low
you can’t be mine but I am yours

— Elysianne
Elysianne Sep 2019
Whenever I see two trunks of a tree
joined together as twins
I think of you
and wish we could share their bond

I'd gather all the water and air in the world for you
to watch you grow
into the magnificent and majestic being
you were always meant to be

— Elysianne
It’s so beautiful to find twin trees in forests.
Elysianne Sep 2019
I've been waiting for you
with your initials carved into my chest

No mercy to my everlasting sorrow and joy
of knowing you

Of knowing someone so close to perfection
of someone who seemed to be made for me

But wasn't

— Elysianne
Still, his initials stay carved into my chest.
Elysianne Sep 2019
To feel your skin next to mine
To feel your lips all the time

I regret nothing
if all the things that have ever happened to me
lead me to you

You're everything

— Elysianne
The first poem I ever wrote about him. (March of 2018)

— The End —