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kieran Sep 2020
It takes 27 years to know what's up
Thinking of joining that club
Not to revise, study books
We just mix drugs
You ever look around like ***
Why we living in a world where if you ain't providing then you ain't good enough
You wanna impress your chick, 'fall in love'?
Jog this down, make a list
You ain't **** if you ain't got money, whips or a big ****
You ever got out of a relationship?
See how they switched?
That's when you know who she really is
I ain't hatin on women
Not a mysoginjst
But one thing I learned don't trust no *****
kieran Sep 2020
Is what I'm watching on TV a lie?
I want true romance
But it's all American pie
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Erase my memory
But still no clementine
So how can I improve if the world ain't right?
Im trying to find a queen
Does anybody want a Knight?
It's about time
To start seeing them red flags from the green lights
Because every day with me is gona be valentines
If your out of sight, your never out of mind
Because these f boys need to get in line
They come to flex i come to fight
What's *** if it don't come with caring and kind?
From yours sincerely
A man out of time
kieran Aug 2019
It's a shame you and I
Two broken birds can't help each other fly
Regret looks at me
Wishing I tried
We wanted jekyll
All I gave you was hyde
no closure, comfort or goodbye
Tragic end to a lifetime
I know now behind them hallow words and pretty eyes
Were a consistent disguise
Filled with lies.

— The End —