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Elle Paige Sep 2018
why is he so perfect
why does he have to be so good to me
he makes me feel happy which isnt exactly easy
he would never let me be upset
or hurt

i really wish i could stop feeling how i do about him
the heart emojis that mean something to me are shallow and playful to him
the "i want to help"s make my heart beat faster
the plationic "i love you"s make my heart both break and flutter

i love him
and he "loves" me

its just not enough
Elle Paige Sep 2018
i loved him
i still love him, he doesnt feel the same
he left me, telling me
"i still want to be friends"
well guess what
i don't
you lied to me
hurt me
and broke me

but now
its my turn
Elle Paige Aug 2018
a life where I always feel wrong
where I cant remember my left from right
my up from down
im just falling cause I cant make right choices

I found love, he found lust

he cant care about anything other then what I wont give him

because I cant give all of me to him he moves on

and once again im left to feel stupid
Elle Paige May 2018
it follows me with its eyes as i walk past
it looks hungry
it follows me

it pins me to the wall
it puts its hands everywhere
it doesn't hear my pleads

it abuses
it hurts
it hates

it marks my neck
it thinks i belong to it

it knows i wont fight back
it destroys me

Elle Paige May 2018
music dulls the pain
fills our cuts with messages
"it will be better"
"nothing lasts forever"
we believe these notes
these gauze help to clot our pain
prevent damage
music is our lifeline
we are called emo
or depressed
or obsessed
for using music to fix ourselves
cause no one else tries
I'm trying something new
Elle Paige May 2018
what is hope?
is it the ache for better
or the bright side of everything

does it ever truly exist?
or does it just manage to be a shadow of an idea

hope isn't real
all the children who look for better are stupid

this is our world
it *****
and its not getting better

so what is hope now

please comment and tell me what you think
Elle Paige May 2018
my ever present love
he sits quietly on my shoulder
whispering sweet promises in my ear
"keep going, love, fight it all"
so i do
i listen and i push
never looking back
into the light i go
the light that heals
thanks to my love
giving me the will to push
to fight this hell of a society
for he was the only one to care
the only one who cares
and he's but a voice
just a voice
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