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elle May 2012
Throw me off a bridge
While I fake my own suicide
Dying inside
I'd like to blame you
But there's no blame
Just do it
Stab me
While I escape this town
And never regret it
Since when did my writing become this morbid?! Oh my goodness
elle May 2012
Fingers fly like doves
You may not know it but
I'm painting
And my canvas is the thick air
Each tone is a color
A deep rich purple
Or a bright yellow
It's not really inspiring
But really I'm trying
To be an artist
elle May 2012
I'm running on empty
E V E R Y    D A Y
but I keep on going
E V E R Y    D A Y
I want to cry
E V E R Y    D A Y
but I keep on smiling
E V E R Y    D A Y
Really, really, really, really rusty!
So much to write about, so little words to write
elle May 2012
Fear is that exact moment of hesitation
The uncontrollable trepidation
For the young
Fears are materialstic
For the aged
They're all concealed
For fear of fear itself
Is fearing everything
And those brave men
Fear their own shadows
Sorry I haven't written in a while!!! Lots of things going on! I'm a little rusty but enjoy!
elle May 2012
Warm air kiss my cheek
Cold water pull me under
And share your secrets
elle May 2012
To the point
Where no words adequately express pain

To the point
Where no actions properly display change

To the point
Where all is buried; past present and future, far far behind us

To the point
Where the highest of highs are no compensations for the average low

To the point
Where I am broken

To the point
Where you're unspoken

To the point
Where I am on the edge of reality

That is where you'll find me.
And the darkness that lies in truth
elle May 2012
Mice are so sneaky
They creep from the cat
Hush, hush
They never say much
But they're everywhere
Running behind the backs
Of all those dumb, fat cats
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