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Elizabeth Ross Nov 2012
bleak reality
meaningless amounts of me
i can never compare
to the love that you both share

you need her and she needs you
one without the other is just not fair
destroying one another
plumes of smoke
ashes of hope
ounces and ounces of love to ignite you
without her there would be no dreams to die to

fearing the flight
motionless we lay
she awakens you
and into her you divulge
deep and low is where you converge
somehow she pleases you
never having to tease you
her body releases you
her voice pleads with you
high and wide is where your pain resides

tempting you with unspoken promises
lighting the sky
she fills you
and into paper you merge
mouth open
lips relaxed
her memory fades
up and away
up and away
this is the part that hurts
releasing her remains
up in smoke your love for her will never change
Elizabeth Ross Nov 2012
Distorted days and delicious dreams
Everything is always just as it seems
Tear me up and build me down
What is all this noise without sound
Trapped in between days and nights
So I regress and take endless flights
Higher I drop rising to the pits of despair
Climbing to rock bottom with out a care
With you by my side, all ways coming along for the ride
My roller coaster is the famed attraction
It is the ultimate distraction
From living and being
Because once your on there is no retreating
The dips and curves add excitement
Yet a sense of dread lingers
Knowing that there is no end
We will always have to play pretend
To live with our selves
To love one another
But one day the curtains will close
The lights will fade
And all that will remain is a cast with roles unplayed
Elizabeth Ross Nov 2012
Fragmented dreams and bleak realities
are all that is left of me
downplaying the past
while running from beyond
the abyss of my demise grows with passing time
Winding down and building up
the excitement of my downfall erupts
spewing all over
my soul does explode
all I ever wanted was to write a story that had never been told
My pain disrupts what I once called happiness
how could I ever become this undone
without a purpose
without a plan
my future fades
as the lights dim and my body takes a bow
I would like to thank you all
for the wondrous joy
the laughter and the beauty that was in store
never could I have imagined
that life was this sweet
maybe next time the bitterness will take a retreat
Elizabeth Ross Nov 2012
Bleed me dry
Take all that remains
Carry my corpse
And take the burden of my shames
An empty shell of what used to be
So beautiful but so damaged was she
Never would have that we would be
I needed you more than words can describe
My everything, my eternal lullaby
Quietly rearranging the pieces of me
Never causing commotion
Only bringing out emotions never before seen
Tainted, touched
Your distress equated to my lust
Armed with your pain
Slicing and dicing hoping to never hit a vein
Your words evaded, while my mind corroded
Slowly dipping into insanity
Please please don't take me
Pleading for a retrieve
I only wanted you to receive
All of the pent up love
Inside of me, just waiting to be released
I deemed you worthy of it all
Now we tumble as we both take the fall
Graceful we are not
Both of us ****** up from the start
Bleak and diseased does our love grow
Two bludgeoned bodies trying to make it through
I promised I would never leave you
Only to be deceived by you
You understand my pain and yet here we are
I'm ending up with even more scars
While you look on from afar
But it's okay because I was already dead anyway

— The End —