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A magical friend
Kind, true, comical and real
I can count on you
I feel like a lost girl
Scared, alone, sad, lonely
I am lonely
I am scared
I am sad
I isolate
I feel raw inside
My heart hurts
I am lost
Very lost
I don’t reach out
I hardly respond
Because I don’t know what
  to say
I don’t really want to talk
I want to be held
Held for an eternity
I have been crying
I will keep crying
Although my words are
  scarce on my tongue
My pen leaves them open
  to read
Hold me
See me
Let me be me
For I am lost
A lost girl
For now that is me
My tears speak louder
  than my words ever could
My room is a tree house
Up high, towards the sky, amidst the trees
I live surrounded my leaves
To my left they are red
To my right they are green
Different shades
Yellow and starting to fall
In my room there are books
My books speak of my journey
Books have gone
And new ones have come
Butterflies visit outside my window
While birds visit and perch on the roof
Within my tree house
Transformation occurs
Protected by the bubble
Of nature and energy
I feel things are changing
My heart still loves
Yet my perspective shifts
There is more
  to be had
  to be desired
  to be manifested
I crave something different
Something true to me
Something easier
Something that flows
I will giggle
  with joy and wonder
I will be myself
  without thinking twice about it
I will continue to grow
  to emerge
My Goddess within
  comes out to play
  wild, and untamed
She loves to simply be
She is
Thank you for the wonderful
I’m ready now
  for the unimaginable
I feel my blood coursing through my veins
My body tingles
  with anticipation
Letting go
The grief wells up
  tears fill my eyes
  I can find pleasure within
  pleasure through pain
  pleasure through love
  pleasure through darkness
    through light
    through life
Fearful of change
I process anew
How do I do this?
Is it even possible?
Will I make it through the darkness?
I always do
I always do
For there is always light
  on the horizon
Change is waiting there for me
Waiting for me to take that
  first step
It will not catch me
  for sometimes I need to fall
  to show how I survive
Each and every day
  a change awaits me
Me Goddess peaks out
  she smiles
Oh wait,
  that’s me
I smile
I just
I fly
They say it takes a village to raise a child
I believe it takes a community to guide a student

Open Mindedness
Active Listening
Holistic Growth

These are key ingredients to which I adhere while advising students

Authenticity is important
Both for myself
And for those around me

Students are the future
Education is the present

Stay calm

Students graduate
And change the world
I am sacred
Yes, you are sacred
Being sacred feels like
Acceptance from those I care most about
My family
My tribe
Being sacred tastes like fresh plants
Sweet fruit
Wild veggies
Being sacred sounds like nature
My cats purr
Birds singing
Ocean waves
Light breezes
Being sacred looks like butterflies
Fireflies in the night sky
Being sacred smells like fresh air
Inhaling goodness
Yes, I am sacred
You are sacred
I am sacred
I am a hell of a woman
I love myself
I love my life
I love my progress
I love my opportunities
I am a Sister Goddess
I am confident
I am ****
I am creative
I am hardworking
I am loyal
I am kind
I am trustworthy
I am a hell of a woman

I have type one diabetes
And I am healthy
These shoes I walk in
They keep taking steps forward
These glasses I wear
They give vision to eyes which see the world
This skin I’m in
It’s the largest ***** in the world which covers and protects the inner workings of a miracle
These ears I have
They hear all the words which both heal and hurt
This heart that’s beating in my chest
It holds the emotions of a feminine badass

This body keeps moving forward
This person keeps moving forward
She rests when she needs to
She processes both the goodness and the pain
She is human
She cares
She loves

No matter the obstacles
I will reach out for help
Accept the support of my community
And keep on going
No matter what

Because I can
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