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work, and work, night and day
no sleep, no rest, no small getaway
sick, and sick, and violently ill
sick, still sick, pop a pill
dream, a dream, a beach so clear
dream, and dream, a sunbathed dear
warm, so warm, so smooth to touch
warm, so warm, so very much
sunbathed beauty, in the sand
sunbathed lover, take my hand
warm, so warm, almost too much
warm, and warm, i'm warm to touch
fever, haze, and dream awake
sick, so sick, more pills to take
drowsy, dizzy, daisy dukes
again, again, again she pukes
sleepy, sick, and a sunbathed beauty
this medicine is kind of fruity. . . .
to breathe is to live
is to life is to know
is to learn is to teach
is to cause is to show
is to see is to feel
is to know what is real
is to touch is to sense
is to smell is to hear
is to taste is to bite
is to pain is to fear
is to cry is to sad
is to death is too near
singled out.

    a round clown.

     it's all a fight. a flight. a struggle.

stay strong.

get along.

write me a story,

     sing me a song.

when it's right,

     it's not wrong.

          for, against.

          pro. con.

          un, non.

prefixes for life.

     take them in strife

     cut it with a knife

                          and breath. . .

                                   to succeed.


                  move. prove.

look to the night sky
and dream of a way to fly
reach out with your hand
be you, make a stand
a burning mass with all your light
how in darkness you shine so bright
a guide in the wild
a wish to a child
when you're gone, you still leave your shine
letting us know we'll all be fine
more than a million miles away
yet nest to you our bodies lay
a twinkle in our eyes
you put on a show for the skies
so close and yet so far
you are my single shinning star
a beating
a meeting
hand holding
passion unfolding
blood flowing
never knowing
it's late.
i'll see you in the morning.
the sun will shine,
on you,
      so divine
traffic will flow,
and you'll be there
holding your head high
step by step
you'll stride
you, and all your pride
so goodnight
ill see you in the morning
another day
no other way
sleep tight
a ballad in my heart
lyrics on my lips
guitar strings
upon my finger tips
i'll tell you my life's story
i'll sing you my love song
i'll write you all my glory
i'll hold you when it's wrong
play a tune with me
make it a sweet melody
listen to the records
record some new mixed tapes
download all our favorites
pay attention to the shapes ♥
hookup the microphone
plug the amp in
turn up the stereo
let the rocking begin
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