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6.6k · Nov 2011
A Fake, A Fraud, Your Smile
a fake,
   a fraud,
       your smile.

look into the mirror

          look into your own eyes
they deceive you.

they share it with the world.
they show your pain.

you smile
        and they contradict you,
you laugh
        and they cry

you sing
        and they sigh

you hug
        they push away

        never letting your guard down
                                   they still let us in
everyone knows
all your pain shows

you act happy
but we all know the truth

it's a fake,

   a fraud,
       your smile.
4.1k · Nov 2011
simple adoration
simple adoration
simple lovers' shame
simple hands in passion
will you call my name?

simple adoration
simple kiss and calls
simple couple moments
we'll triumph the walls

simple adoration
ample and so sweet
simple adoration
it's you i'd like to meet
2.1k · Nov 2011
heartfelt memories
hot chocolate fantasies
peppermint insanities
keep me warm when im cold
make me young when im old
sweet enticements
sugary excitements
make it real when i dream
stitch me up at the seam
joys and sorrows
yesterdays and tomorrows
this is all for you
ill prove its true
remember me
sweet memory
work, and work, night and day
no sleep, no rest, no small getaway
sick, and sick, and violently ill
sick, still sick, pop a pill
dream, a dream, a beach so clear
dream, and dream, a sunbathed dear
warm, so warm, so smooth to touch
warm, so warm, so very much
sunbathed beauty, in the sand
sunbathed lover, take my hand
warm, so warm, almost too much
warm, and warm, i'm warm to touch
fever, haze, and dream awake
sick, so sick, more pills to take
drowsy, dizzy, daisy dukes
again, again, again she pukes
sleepy, sick, and a sunbathed beauty
this medicine is kind of fruity. . . .
singled out.

    a round clown.

     it's all a fight. a flight. a struggle.

stay strong.

get along.

write me a story,

     sing me a song.

when it's right,

     it's not wrong.

          for, against.

          pro. con.

          un, non.

prefixes for life.

     take them in strife

     cut it with a knife

                          and breath. . .

                                   to succeed.


                  move. prove.

890 · Feb 2013
The Traveler of Time Zones
I laid there
Forced awake by my mind's eye
and suddenly i realized i've always known you

i've always known it would be you
my heart
my whole
my happiness

dreadfully lost in your own world of worlds.
left behind and forgotten

have you met me yet?
I've met you.

here, there.

in my dreams you were always hiding
ever present in my newest nightmares

lost. so lost.

i'd care for you
i care for you

someday, you let me love you.
it's not here yet

sleep. no sleep.
lather, rinse, repeat

the stars whisper the future
they've already seen

the dress.
the dance.
the intamicy

I was her and you were he.
and i laid there

i laid there entangled in you.
i laid there entangled in me
i laid there
880 · Nov 2011
brain drain
empty walls.
  time stalls.
     crowded halls.
      busy malls.
        five hundred miles per hour in my head.
so many,
        and yet,   so few.
me, me, me,
    now you.
inhale, exhale,
dysfunctional . . .
brain drain, what's your name?
780 · Nov 2011
a beating
a meeting
hand holding
passion unfolding
blood flowing
never knowing
776 · Nov 2011
♥ Love Song ♥
a ballad in my heart
lyrics on my lips
guitar strings
upon my finger tips
i'll tell you my life's story
i'll sing you my love song
i'll write you all my glory
i'll hold you when it's wrong
play a tune with me
make it a sweet melody
listen to the records
record some new mixed tapes
download all our favorites
pay attention to the shapes ♥
hookup the microphone
plug the amp in
turn up the stereo
let the rocking begin
733 · Mar 2012
An Overnight Alone
I know you're just a little bit away
but I miss you more than I can say
I need my grizzly bear at night
to love and cuddle and hold me tight
I take for granted how much you mean to me
and when your away its easy to see
I need you close I want you near
I can't sleep without you here
726 · Jan 2012
you're doing it again
it's all your fault.

you're doing it again
you're being dumb
my friend

it's all your fault.

you're doing it again
you're killing you
it's killing me
you're doing it again
you're being dumb
my friend.

it's all your fault.

you're doing it again
you're not listening again


you're doing it again
you're being dumb my friend
713 · Nov 2011
books without pages
a story without words
pens without ink
ideas without thoughts
love without passion
hate without fuel
fire without sparks
laughter without sound
balloons without air
people without hearts
rainbows without color
stars without shine
houses without frames
trees without trunks
flowers without stems
cars without engines
without you
695 · Nov 2011
cage and release
back and forth
like a caged tiger
i wait for my release
when will this starvation go
i left
this should be easy
escaping a cage
but trapped
a black hole
wrapping around in its hollow embrace
cold sorrow
if only there was nothing
if i felt nothing
over analyze
stuck inside a mirror
break up
breaking point
silent screaming of my internal monologue
heavy steps
heavy heart
heavy heat
heavy metal
darkness swallows the willing
to dust
Dance the day away
     Into the night we'll stay
          Twisted times call for twisted measures
               A tango with our sick pleasures
                    Start a fire, start a fight
               Step by step through the night
          A hurricane to break the glass
     A massacre to add some sass
First you shoot and then I'll fire
     What to choke with? Rope or Wire?
          One step, two step, three steps to shame
               This is our favorite little game
          Push and pull, you lead I'll follow
      Put the corpse into the hollow
  You're the Bonnie to my Clyde
Dancing always by my side
   like butterflies' wings
   like babies' first breaths
   like the cameras' lens'
take a picture
of life.
   like a heart in love
   like an awaited exhale
   and concentrate
   on how to live.
653 · May 2012
A hundred Million Miles
In my dreams I saw you there
In my dreams I had you here
A hundred million miles couldn’t keep me from you
No matter what our love will pull through
In my heart you’re never far
In my heart I hold you near
A hundred million miles couldn’t keep me from you
No matter what our love will pull through
In my mind I know your mine
In my mind I see you clear
A hundred million miles couldn’t keep me from you
No matter what our love will pull through
In my soul I know its true
In my soul I know you’re real
A hundred million miles couldn’t keep me from you
No matter what our love will pull through
652 · Nov 2011
wasted time
wasted rhyme
wasted life
on wasteful things
wasted love
on wasteful people
wasteful thoughts
on wasteful memories
wasted hopes
on wasteful futures
it's all been thrown away
652 · Nov 2011
Little Moth
spread your wings,
     and fly
you've got to try

use the light as your guide,
     and glide
soar through the sky
like a nighttime butterfly

you're mystical
   and magical
in more ways than one

your wings glitter in the night,
    or in the sun

fly, fly, fly away
fly to welcome
   another day
620 · Apr 2012
am i awake or am i dreaming
i do not know
are you him
or is he you
i do not know
i do not know
do i remember
does she remember
does he know
does he remember
i do not know
take a walk
take a hike
2 am
put up a fight
is this real
am i real
i do not know
musical dream
inside a conundrum
constant consistent
i do
602 · Mar 2013
let me love you
the poison in you is poisoning me
i want to destroy something beautiful
conflict, conflict, conflict, flight
run away, hide away into the night
take the vase, take the flowers
throw it all away
because when you stab at yourself,
you're stabbing at me
none of it ever matters.
569 · Nov 2011
a heart apart
a love broken
a heart
a fight so simple
a heart
a grief so giant
a heart
a tear so torn
a heart
one piece now in two
a heart
like me and you
a picture, a poet, a thousand words
crumpled pieces of paper guarding the gateway to your eternity
a cigarette **** rolling in the wind
a cold draft sneaking in through a cracked door
a fish.
   stuck forever in it's little glass world
   open a window, let the leaves blow in
   spill your soda on the floor
remember summertime.

a step, a haze, a daydream-nightmare
   a wall   slowly coming down
   piece by piece, brick by brick
the light turns on inside your head
                                  where millions of cockroaches now reside
                                               next to your feasting, beating, greedy
561 · Mar 2012
A Poem Inside A Poem
love  like  you are  its  heart  life  want  dream  i will  make  warm  light  sick  touch  stars
556 · Nov 2011
beauty's breath so vain
and in your arms i shall stay, asleep, awake, away from day,
a knight amongst but feeble men,
a written story with a pen,
a monumental romance about our love,
the story created from above,
together for all to see,
the greatest love in harmony,
a knight so handsome a prince of light,
a lover not a fighter, but for love you'll fight,
  and in your beauty's breath so vain,
i could hear you call my name,
so in your arms i shall stay,
asleep, awake, alive today.
546 · Nov 2011
you're a heartbreaker
please hold me when the world goes wrong,
tell me lies,  we'll move along.
hold me tightly in your arms,
sway me sweetly with your charms,
convince me of a better place,
across the stars and into space,
i love you and you love me,
but there's more to life to be happy.
536 · Nov 2011
The Master Plan
Like broken glass.
Your dreams just fade away.
Pick up the pieces.
In each shard,
See you.
See the reflection of the idea of you.
You're not real.
You are but a fragment of your own undesirable imagination.
You aren't really you.
You are a lie.
An idea dreamt up by you.
Your life is a lie.
Everything you've ever know,
Made up by the people in your make-believe life.
It's all a master plan.
happiness spawns from new life
the stars shine bright for you
the joy is overwhelmingly rife
the love is ever true
watch in motion the star shine
feel the air breathe
watch as two hearts combine
no longer shall i seethe
happiness from the stars' love
ecstasy never before had
fitting closely like a glove
no longer indulgent as a cad
happiness, love, life, trust
this is no longer a simple lust
482 · Nov 2011
one night stand
itch a scratch
  light a match
    strike a conversation
      take a shot
        make it hot
          sweet anticipation
            keeping tempo with a song
              several hours long
            beautiful creation
          talk to you
        for a day or two
      end communication
  don't cry
bitter manipulation
453 · Nov 2011
sitting here
wishing someone were here
  all i want is love
    all i want is for someone to be near
i just want to hold a hand
i just want to feel arms around me
i want to share my thoughts
i want someone to speak openly
i want to share opinions
i want a common ground
i don't want fights with anyone
i want the music
  not the sound
i want a companion in life and death
i want someone to always be there
i want someone to have and to hold
i want someone to care.
447 · Nov 2011
touch the stars
and when i touch the stars you'll see
that you were only meant for me
we'll hold our hands up in the light
we wont surrender to this fight
our love is great our love is strong
its burns as a candle all night long
hold me tight when i dream
sew me up at the seam
and when i touch the stars you'll see
that you were only meant for me
442 · Nov 2011
The Room
hanging from the wall are posters
from another life
  another story
   another time
tear them down
start new
start fresh
blank walls in an empty room
fill it with me
my pictures
my posters
my story
my history
my bed
my couch
my stereo
my books
this is me.
i am new
and i am
and this is my
419 · Nov 2011
In Motion
it's late.
i'll see you in the morning.
the sun will shine,
on you,
      so divine
traffic will flow,
and you'll be there
holding your head high
step by step
you'll stride
you, and all your pride
so goodnight
ill see you in the morning
another day
no other way
sleep tight
418 · Nov 2011
it comes in a dream
white noise flooding out all sounds
pace back and forth.
in my mind.
bags like bruises rest beneath
the openings of my soul.
sleep where have you gone?
in the tick of the clock?
or the creak of the floor?
preoccupied with the slow breaths of another's nightmare?
come back to me.
i wish to
408 · Nov 2011
learn, think, see
i'll make you think,
i'll make you over-analyze
when all you really have to do,
is look straight into my eyes
once you can hear my silent  screams and cries
you'll see my true pain brought by all the lies
all experience is there for you to realize. . .
it's there for you to learn how to despise
398 · Nov 2011
how is it that you're dead and gone,
  yet still here by my side?
how is it that after so long,
  you've come back to be my guide?
i've tried so hard to let go,
  to move on from you
the days and nights moved so slow,
   i thought i'd never make it through
your spirit has come to haunt me,
  it hurts to know your no longer real
you tell me to reach out and touch you,
  to reach out and to feel
your skin is warm,
  your touch is there
you came back,
  because you care
am i dreaming,
  is your spirit here
don't leave again,
  i need you near
396 · Nov 2011
and the angels wept
born asleep
born in dread
the angels wept
whilst you slept
wake dear child
and see
this world is not home
not mine
not yours
not ours
this world is home to demons
demons of greed
of love
of hate
of vanity
of all things good and evil
stand guard
fight me
fight you
a breath forgiven
and air, forgot
blue lips
black eyes
forever and always
say your goodbyes
395 · Nov 2011
look to the night sky
and dream of a way to fly
reach out with your hand
be you, make a stand
a burning mass with all your light
how in darkness you shine so bright
a guide in the wild
a wish to a child
when you're gone, you still leave your shine
letting us know we'll all be fine
more than a million miles away
yet nest to you our bodies lay
a twinkle in our eyes
you put on a show for the skies
so close and yet so far
you are my single shinning star
391 · Nov 2011
colors of love
red, like the blood that flows
orange, like the fruit that grows
yellow, like the sun that shines
green, like wild vines
blue, like the sky
and purple, like a dye
colors, like love
bright and beautiful
we glow
388 · Nov 2011
Different Hearts
your heart, it burns
like fire, it churns
for love, it yearns

my heart, it's cold
like ice, i'm told
it's wise, it's old

your heart, so free
so light, without worry
it's so different from me

my heart, it's guarded
from love, now parted
once more it's beating has started

your heart, so bright
my heart, so faded
our hearts so different
our love, so jaded
376 · Nov 2011
when nothing is right
  will you be my wrong

there's nothing in sight
  the birds have no song

i'll close my eyes
  to dream of you

will the sun rise
  will we make it through

tomorrow, tomorrow
  will the world end

let me borrow
  let me comprehend

give me sight
  into the future i'll see

i will ignite
  we will be free
370 · Nov 2011
New World
close your eyes
open a new door
take a step forward
it's time to explore
ready, set, go
don't fear change
broaden your horizons
expand your range
you can do it
i promise, i swear
just stick to it
take a dare
it's a risk and a challenge
but i know you're strong
you can make things right
when it's all wrong
so good luck, get going
you'll make it through
just keep fighting
i have faith in you
356 · Nov 2011
on life and living
to breathe is to live
is to life is to know
is to learn is to teach
is to cause is to show
is to see is to feel
is to know what is real
is to touch is to sense
is to smell is to hear
is to taste is to bite
is to pain is to fear
is to cry is to sad
is to death is too near
343 · Nov 2011
you took it all
you've taken it all.
my life.
my love.
my memories.
you've left me with nothing.
you filled me up with pain and loss.
replacing my joy, my light,
   with darkness.
you're a thief.
you're a liar.
a user.
a taker.
i am empty.

— The End —