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Eliza Sterling Feb 2014
It’s fact, fiction, and lies, as the devil continues to pry
On my soul and my flesh, punching holes like paper on a teacher’s desk,
Slouched over I’m a mess, a mess as a drunken sketch
This feeling I’ll match it - with a match lighting this torn cigarette.
I feel evil caress the stress imploding my chest
With no one to impress I rip apart my dress
Naked I confess, take a breath and cover my mouth with mesh…

Yes, mesh, I guess I’m scared to be deprived completely of air,
A bit here and there, taking it as I declare
I’m comfortably bare beside my ***** ******* chair
Prepared to spare my body physically impaired
I glare with despair; Life is not fair
I’m too late to repair, how dare someone not care…

Not care, to act blind and deaf to me cry like a dying swine
Denied. That’s fine. The destruction returns with black clouds in the sky.  
Empty time combined with the drought of your hasty good bye,
My pounding, bound mind can’t find words to describe.
With tear-filled eyes I lie and line my body with it’s design,
Blissful hate, You can define me as a Divine Crime.

This divine crime procrastinated, not yet committed,
Still addicted to the sadistic ways of the wicked.
Twisted liquid drowned the fear unconstricted,
Thriving off the blade penetrating my skin’s system.
Transmitted blood puddling just as I’d written,
Delivering my limit as predicted, I just couldn’t have committed!

Not so much committing to him but more my life,
Uncertainties of my nature were as cold as ice.
Precisely entice yet deceive I’d slice and not think twice,
My heart is charcoal, as small as a grain of rice.
Love is dry and old, cannot be marked with a price,
So listen to my advice - I’m a toxic prosthetic device to ruin your life.

The Devil Inside.
**A Divine Crime.
Eliza Sterling Feb 2014
Re-introduced, still shy to meet
The summer's sweet melody swept us off our feet,
Blinded by the symphony's delicate beat
Fatal attraction blemished the flawless deceit.
Unaware of the truth tucked under our seats,
This opportune time nature offers it's defeat;
Forgiveness is love, infinite repeat.
The sad part is, some people just can't forgive.  But never fret, regret nor be ******* yourself.  For it is the spiritual state of which others stand, their insecurities and lack of trust within themselves and others.  Spread Love, this is the only answer to all of this world's and life's problems.
Eliza Sterling Feb 2014
I peered out the window
A beautiful scene.
The stars twinkle bright & the aliens green,
Blue mist in the air from their foreign machine ~
I inhaled deeply this magic vaccine,
Tickling my skin like an amphetamine,
The sensation so pure
I know what it means...
So I've crawled into bed,
Others would think it were obscene
Except you my love,
You're my King, I'm your Queen.
Eliza Sterling Feb 2014
Let's dance,
Sing all the way to France.
Flowers in my hair & mushrooms in your pants,
Pockets unfold with silent colors in a trance.
The sweet scent of your voice is enhanced ~
Shaping circles of light, you smile with stance.
Our eyes swimming in a candied dalliance,
May this last forever ~ Now is our only chance.
Eliza Sterling Feb 2014
I've messaged along a pure white dove,
Once it reaches you it'll shower you with love,
Under it's wings feel the winds embrace
With gusts of love that tickle your face -
Spewing hearts of gold blinding with light,
Brushing rays of beauty infiltrating your sight.
Eliza Sterling Feb 2014
In a peculiar, far off, world, time and place,
The trivial past would be irrelevant, chased away then erased.
Contrary to the reality of distorted lies in front of my face,
These eyes cannot mask fraudulence or disgrace.
Chasing them down with a trace of a defaced case of toxic waste,
I pace as my thoughts race of the time that’s left until I dissipate.
Looking into the murky vase with dying flowers desperate to be replaced,
Misplaced to the one who’d obliterate the beauty I once embraced.

Within my sorrow I woke, shattered love replaced with a heart no longer broke.
Soaked with what I could never cope, I felt passion and choked on my once false hope.
This vision evoked a note; a call of duty for you, my eternity to devote.
Instinctively I knew, the words stuck in my throat, but blindly every incline eventually has a *****.
Surrounded by mirrors shielded with smoke,
As we stared we shared yet nothing we spoke.
Your presence was felt but disguised with a cloak,
Confined in your skin, comfortably lost afloat, for your soul I searched to perpetually stroke.

With blurred vision I envisioned, stood silent, anxious of your condition,
Division of indecision was nothing less than your frightened inquisition.
A hallucination on a mission of who was out to hurt you with consistence,
I understood as you tried to piece together the suspicion of our composition.
Guarded and in position to react upon intuition then the smoke disappeared and you saw our reflection.
No longer was my presence an imposition now in recognition you accepted the ignition of a united evolution.
Successful revision disposed internal superstition,
Our collision created a premonition for our future decisions of precision.

The past’s paths we chose were restricted to our addiction and careless indifference,
The assistance of negative influence stripped us of our innocence.
Blood shot eyes, negligence of appearance, abstracted resistance only creating distance.
Ambiguous and inexperienced, taking shots and hits in an instance,
Distorted images, lacking clarity, the abuse of substance left an absence of existence.
Building tolerance whilst sabotaging resilience, guilty and unable to admit repentance,
Without a witness, secret and safe, no justice to serve and no one to listen.
A mission incomplete and persistent,
We continue to envelope in our disappearance.

In the seam of my sickness I submerge within these contaminated nerves,
Fearing the silence with thirst not to be disturbed,
But absurdly I yearned your unhealthy and perplexed words to be heard,
My tender nature reserved an exclusive place to keep you conserved,
Unstable but concerned I’d preserve you like an herb,
I slurred for forgiveness but observed perhaps this was my turn,
But with your freedom you turned away and flew away like a bird.
Now relentless and pure I burn the surface of my figure, no intent to return.

Yet once we were young, wild and free,
Conducting our train with no fear of where we’d soon be,
The sweet breeze guaranteed the destination with ease,
Imagination without knowledge, amid glee and degree,  
We’d dive and rise above the salty sea,
Later meet beneath that tree with belief the starry sky we’d seize,
Through the debris you still held in your hand the key,
And we’d conquer our dreams, what we sought and believed.

But as I’ve grown within my questioning dome,
My home of stones has nothing to be shown,
Prone to disown my weakened skin and bones,
Candidly I pacify the clone I’ve never known.
In hopes to be flown far ahead of this zone,
I’d hover above in a whispering tone, draining my disease as it’s blown.
My soul will glisten and roam, looking down at my new golden throne,
As I’ve postponed to recognize the beauty of the Earth & my own – No longer shall I be alone.
Eliza Sterling Feb 2014
Stealing kisses from the snow falling from afar,
Observing the abundance of the early morning stars.
My ankles snug, poised in the frozen sand bar,
Humming away the theme of our Creator’s world so bizarre...
Stringing along our existence with His arctic guitar
Surrounded by glistening sheets with energy of which we are.
Infusing the transfer of the layer so crisp with the strength to disregard,
So adequately I begin to absorb the ice-covered reservoir.

Nature’s zephyr left me with a comfortable chill,
Permeated with grace I embrace and stand still -
Intuition fulfilled my own free will,
A sudden thrill sent me up the near by, slippery hill.
Fluttering above the glazed, unexplored grounds so whimsical,
Transcending spiritually to consume the metaphysical,
Flowing along the ice-capped realm this feeling is instilled,
Flawlessly captivated, my mind, body & soul shall never be ill.

At no cost I flew through the mighty clouds into another dimension,
Meticulously guided in a new direction.
Delicately looking down, encouraging my full attention,
The allure of the world sparkled with sheets of passion,
Gleaming like diamonds, the frosty land gripped my connection.
Exquisitely wintry & white, I smiled and knew this was my imagination,
How I adored the absence of gravitation, this was my creation.
I brought along my crystals, surrounded by protection,
“Dear Eliza, The center of the world has sent you an invitation.”

— The End —