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Elisha Malisha Mar 2014
I am purple.
Rich and deep, the muse of kings
I am the blending of peace and passion,
The juice of black grapes stomped upon in summer
The shade of mangostein, the sweetest fruit of creation.
My banner is freedom and pride, inspiring the rainbow.
Purple in my past, purple in my future
Royalty, richness, thick and sweet.
Hear me roar!
Elisha Malisha Dec 2013
The clouds,
scattered and dashed by magnificent glowing orange
more vivid than the pain of love.
The towering oaks,
like black lace against a fiery distance
more intricate than human hands could weave.
My heart,
inspired, stilled, and heavy
more longing than ever before.
If I could only follow this setting peace,
to grasp, and hold, this ever fading brilliance,
to bask in this ever sinking glory.
But... this is the draw.
only but a moment of glory,
only but a taste of heavenly glow.
This... is dispair.
slowly, yet surely, watching heaven fade,
afraid to look away lest the beauty be wasted.
But is also hope.
Hope of the glory that will slowly, yet surely return.
Sometime it will cease to sink.
Oneday the color will only intensify, never fade.
Until then... we continue to long,
savoring in pain,
from taste to taste.
Elisha Malisha Dec 2013
When I think of us.
I see two little boys, giddy with joy,
Staring across the room too careful to be caught
Lest that consecrated secret be shared.

When I think of us.
I see eyes and I see lips.
I feel a bustling cluster of hands
Hot with relief.

When I think of us.
I see your heart drop, like Autumn leaves
When you see the truth lingering in my eyes
I consider closing them, hesitating.

When I think of us.
I hear the howls of pain,
The long nights of chaos.
I hear the silent anger turning inward.

When I think of us
My heart leaps and swells with pride
Dreams carry me away
Then the censor tightens, jarring my heart kite
I tumble down, holding you tight.

Sometimes you coax me out of my fear,
But you shouldn’t have to.  We both know that.
We both know a lot of things.

But when I think of us.
I am happy, where I belong, my home.

— The End —