Rina Mar 8

I miss you and I just hope you're proud of me and I miss you

Rina Mar 8

If I could stop it I would

If I could control it better, I would

If I could completely live without it and remove it from myself entirely, I would.

I've still yet to find a way to do so

Rina Feb 24

I've started writing down my ideas and I couldn't be more happy or excited :-)

My creativity hits its peak at night, I'm not going to ignore it any longer I'm ready to blossom

Rina Feb 9

Dogs are happy and excited to see us even when we're not eager to see ourselves

Rina Feb 6

All we ever were

Rina Feb 5

music could take me away from a crowded room and drop me off at a beautiful sanctuary where I am free to dance and sing as I please

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