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Erika F Cremeans Jun 2017
All at  once it sets in
I no longer have a best friend
No one is there to pick me up when I have fallen again
No one that knows me the way you do

I remember the touch of your skin
But I don't want to think about it
Because it feels like a sin.
Wanting you for myself when I know I can't have you.
Erika F Cremeans Jun 2017
What is the definition of 'beautiful'?
Is it supposed to be used in a sentence when a guy says 'She's doable."?
What is the meaning of 'perfection'?
Do I have to be perfect to give a guy an *******?

My body is not the definition of these words
and even though in my mind,
my image is blurred,
I still see my flaws.

In fact, that's all I see.
All I want is for someone to look at me
and think that I'm pretty.

But I know that will not happen
because in this world we are trapped in
society's standards
and we are all carrying them like banners.

And although we don't want to,
we feed into it as if it's a yew
because though we know it's poisonous
we don't think twice of it because we know society is going to continue to poison us.

So why try and stop people from carelessly spewing words from their terminal mouths;
I say terminal because they will one day **** us
sending the user of the mouth, south to live in hell
and pay for what they've done
as if their mouth was the gun.

And in a way,  it was.
Loaded and ready to **** us.

— The End —