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Edlawit Tewodros Oct 2015
I came to see your daily life
how good it feels to be the one
to be the one that opens the gate
for a child to see his mom he never met
to be the one to say it will be alright
when she's going through a path of hell
a journey through the peakest of all pain
to hold that little angel in her arms
to pick the sweet fruit she one day decided to plant
I saw how much she payed to do just that
my heart went," oh dear lord what nature gives
feeling pain yet feeling peace"
what a beautiful reminder of love this is
what an amazing creature human is.

I also thought, when you hold the baby in your arms,
what a wonderful dad I'd say my little angel has
my Prince charming in real life
the writer of my fairy tale,
you were the one I had in mand when I kneel down and when I pray
thank you sweet heart for being kind
for a beautiful story I can  tell
because of you my true love, the writer of my fairy tale. :)
was written after I saw my boyfriend deliver a baby.what a wonderful experience it was. ♡♡

— The End —