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Edgar Allen Bro Dec 2012
Whenever I'm getting toasted like a bagel,
I hold my hits deep for Robert Nagel.
I can't believe that **** happened.
I know its real, but it feels like a fabel.

I feel real bad for the girlfriend,
Her heads probably spinning like a whirlwind.
There's not much I can say to take the pain away;
Just know He'll save you when the world ends.

They say the good die young.
Well how come?
C'mon fate,
Can we get a better outcome?

So I guess for now, we all pray.
We love you Rob.
Forever and Always.
Edgar Allen Bro Dec 2012
Six years have since ensued
And yet, the right words...
Persist to elude.

It' a grim day-
hard to fit the mood.
And if I wasn't slim paid,
Her name I'd get tattooed.

I know its hard not to cry,
Or keep emotions subdued.
I swear I dab my eye,
Whenever I think of Her food.  

But I know the dead can view-
The dead can see
That through you,
Is lived their legacy.

Together again you'll be-
Edgar Allen Bro May 2010
What is my Purpose?
On this earth's surface.
Do I have an ultimate service,
within these verses?

What is my purpose,
In today's circus.
Is it to buy all that I can purchase?
Or be out on the street shirtless.

What is my purpose,
Among the Earth's worthless,
Is it to grow up scared and nervous?
Or walk around nerveless.

What is my purpose,
In this earth's furnace,
Is it to be full of pureness
and warm those around me like a thermos?

To the above questions,
I am wordless.
To the above questions,
I am verbless.
To the above questions,
I am termless.
So i guess my purpose,
Is full of obscureness.
And in this search for sureness,
I strive on with sterness,
Ignoring the churchless,
In doing my best to furbish
My best definition
Of Purpose.

— The End —