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Edera Apr 2019
How to describe a sudden flight
when you stay inside your body yet soar...
There is fear. great fear. You hardly breathe.
But at the same time you feel free from anger,
from any emotion that clutters your mind.
It's the glorious finding of yourself outside of self.
And when you return to body after some minutes,
there's a feeling of great calm.
Such calm that was unknown to you before.
You just feel...found.
Edera Mar 2019
Social media
can be fatal
for a sensitive heart.

When 'friends'
expose your secrets
without a feeling
of remorse,
pretending they are just
'telling the truth'.

When people
accuse you of things
you never did,
making a drama
out of the fact
that your opinion
differs from theirs.

When jealous women
chase you
because they think
you are there
to conquer their men.

When strangers
gossip about
every little thing you write
making it into their own version
of your life.

Be careful on social media
if you have a sensitive heart.
Edera Feb 2019
How deep is the wind that knows not where it comes from and where it goes?
I woke up to you forever, to lilac light in February. Nothing was lost, everything bloomed.
Approached a window with a view of oaken forests, where birds sing for the lost.
Am I on earth now? Or still immersed in that dream? Tell me, heart.
Edera Nov 2018
Two cups
of cold midnight coffee

All that's left
for the morning
Edera Nov 2018
Appreciate each moment of joy, each breath. And tell the ones you love that you love them. This comes from someone who is not sure where she'll be tomorrow.
In the essence, this is a beautiful world. Whatever happens. Breathe. Be.
Edera Nov 2018
Your name
is carved immortal
on wings of a gentle bird

O carrier of Winter Moon

Awaken, awaken
to the heart of warmth
Edera Oct 2018
He knows her better
than the sky knows
blue infinity
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