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helena Jan 2019
i hope you learn that i won't wait on you forever
because i like you

and i've been meaning to ask if you like me, still
because, i still think about you
because, i still dream about you

yet i have begun to think you grew tired of me

and if you have , ill simply take the memories and go
but something tells me it'd be worth it to ask
do you like me still?
reply soon
helena Jan 2019
you are like
melancholy melodies
on a sunny day

for you especially
helena Jan 2019
i wasn't born
a dancer
but after you
i was never the same

i dance shamelessly tonight
because as long as im with you
i am shamelessly free
you will always bring out that side of me
helena Jan 2019
i can barely feel my body
my heart weighs me down
and the world is blanketing me
in a heaviness i cant quite shake
helena Jan 2019
life is easiest when you're thinking of
not what is
or what was
but when you think of all the
good that may entrail your journey

it is just the beginning
helena Jan 2019
you, you, you.
its always about you.
i cant get enough of you.
no matter how you
make my heart grow only more and more blue
helena Jan 2019
heaven is you

i cant even
finish this
stupid poem
because you
make my mind
muddle and my
heart melt
sorry to leave it at that, but my lover's made me too weak-kneed to finish
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