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duncanwrite Aug 2018
I cannot stand it, it weakens my core, it stifles my breath

The thought of him, forcing himself inside you

Making you whimper, unutterable sounds

Your unconditional complicity a gift, a given

Your abandon knowing no bounds

My manhood shriven

While I have dropped off the edge of your world

Your shapely limbs around him furled

And he, firmer, faster, harder, smarter, younger

Scoops up your jewels and riches with ardent hands

And hungry tongues, to burst your lungs

And all you can eats from your smouldering smorgasbord

And I don’t know him, nor where he lives

But I know he lives

And dies, and dies again in your scented garden….
duncanwrite Jun 2015
If you love someone, let them go, though your ego be dragged kicking and screaming to the exit....though your dread and tears foretell great lasting longing and regret.....let them go if they must -- because you must....and anyway what choice do we  have....?
duncanwrite Jun 2015
Bluto, the world’s strongest man, could tear bread loaf-sized pieces off a steel-belted tractor tire with his bare hands.

But he could not lift a single smithereen of his sensitive Piscean heart when Lily, the luscious, leggy Leo trapeze artist, left him for steely-eyed Arien Karl, the literate and literary lion tamer.

Horoscopic Circus, Act II

She was a Cancer Dragon. Like catnip to the Piscean Tiger, whose feline DNA was his Achilles heel. Especially when she wore heels. And nylons. The end is nylon, he thought. I love you she said. I love you more he affirmed. And firm he soon became. Then being the ringmaster, she opened her mouth and incinerated him -- as only dragons can….
duncanwrite Apr 2015
One is teetering slightly, lurching almost, aiming a bottle of Tempranillo towards a seemingly moving, sufficiently empty goblet ……..and speaking to oneself (not talking, speaking)…….”What can one do?  “What can one possibly do?”……..a reflective wave of heady benevolence rushing upwards from the ***** to the lobes……"with these yet untangled thoughts and abandoned hopes of love, and those that can never be…..?”

An answer stole past its vacant sentry position too partial to be noticed. Of course! That's why…..all those blues songs and torch songs, those hurtin songs and love gone wrong songs...

Yes. It makes the world go round…. like an old record....
duncanwrite Apr 2015
The bravest thing I ever said to her:
I love you and want you
To have a happy life...
duncanwrite Mar 2014
I thought I had told you many times.  But here for the record:
Because you are feminine yet strong.
Because you are extremely capable and can do things I know not how to do.
Because you are productive and extremely hardworking.
Because I can see how much you fight for the things you hold dear.
Because you can give others a lot of love and care (sometimes that was me!).
Because you have a gift for interior decorating.
Because you create a sense of home which for me appeals at a very sub-conscious and visceral level.
Because you're good with cars.
Because you love cats almost as much as I do.
Because you love a lot of the other things that I love; movies, wine, beer, fish and chips, sandalwood and more...
Because you opened my eyes (and ears) to new kinds of music.
Because you had the same PIN number.
Because you slept so soundly you couldn't be disturbed by my snoring.
Because you liked my thighs and didn't think my mouth was too small or "mean".
Because you made me two beautiful cushions, that are in colour schemes that show real artistic ability, and which I shall cherish till the end of my days.
Because you look vulnerable with your hair up in a chignon.
Because you are the first woman who ever helped me make marmalade or cookies.
Because you look cute in pigtails.
Because you pout your lips upwards when someone is taking your photo.
Because you study really hard to improve yourself, and achieve great marks through sheer will and determination.
Because I see qualities in you that you probably don't see in yourself.
There are probably many more, but it's 3.30 am.

Oh yes, one more:

Because I find you beautiful to look at.
duncanwrite Feb 2014
Today my long tall tulip fell
His pearl-pink bulb had dared to swell
But blushen hung now like a bell

His slim and slender stem once towering
Arced to earth with posture cowering
Burdened by his glory flowering

How quickly he had seemed to climb
To bask in sudden sunlit prime
The longest flower, the shortest time

His adolescent orb once closed
With youthful promise, then exposed
More beauty than we all supposed

And eager straight he stretched to see
The furtive squirrels’ revelry
And blue jays jostling high in tree

His handsome head became a hand
Outstretched to welcome wide and grand
We who’d pale beside him stand

But now his palm points to the ground
Where loyal subjects once were found
A fallen king with withering crown

I saw you flower – be sure of this
Your scented cheeks I bent to kiss
Nor did a day of beauty miss

Though brief your waxing and your wane
Your colours left the purest stain
That in my mind’s eye does remain

In all the world where flowers grow
We sallow souls rush to and fro
Preoccupied, we miss the show

But when we pause to smell the blooms
Held captive by arresting plumes
Forget the sundry that consumes

Thus precious harried minutes take
Our reverie to gaily break
I noticed you -- make no mistake

I studied you that rare of gift
You gave my care-worn spirit lift
Then cut its soaring hopes adrift

Today my long tall tulip fell
Surrendering to Nature’s knell
And left us where he deigned to dwell
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