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As the taste of sugar is so sweet
And true love's sight is blind
As the gentle touch when her I meet
And the smells that are entwined
As then I hear my poor heart beat
And wearied senses are refined
Scott Jurewicz Dec 2019
On this, the year end's longest night
Embarks the sting of Winter's bite
From spent December's weary light
To Olde New England clothed in white
A fertile Earth waits out of sight
Till comes the Crocus and the Sprite
Scott Jurewicz Dec 2019
Christmas is coming
It's practically here
Drummers are drumming
to the best time of year

With carols we're humming
there's snow in the air
Strummers are strumming
Our loved ones are near

The wait can be numbing
but scrumptious to bear
To joy we're succumbing
It's Christmas, my Dear!
Scott Jurewicz Dec 2019
O when autumn's pendants leave
and comes the setting sun
do I rejoice or grieve
the tree's bare skeleton?

O when sheds the summer fleece
in colours o'er the earth
the dream of spring is my caprice
from winter comes rebirth
Scott Jurewicz Dec 2019
New fallen snows
Silk wedding gowns
All that life throws
The ups and downs
Beautiful rose
Paper made crowns
And so it goes
White's dear sweet sounds
Scott Jurewicz Dec 2019
There once was a poet from Britain
On whose reading one day did I sit in
When the throng said, "Arcane"
He was heard to explain
"It's not for you that it's written"
Scott Jurewicz Dec 2019
I built a house high on a hill
Before I'd held a nail
I crossed an ocean on a sloop
Before I learned to sail
I took to wing among the clouds
Not knowing how to fly
I fell in love at autumn's call
Not knowing how to cry
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