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Drin Tashi May 2015
Just when I saw the wet eye,
noticed the shake in it's hand,
felt the body going backwards,
saw the brightness inside it,

Just when I touched the warm skin,
connected with the speed of blood pumping,
realised the micromovements,
touched inside it,
is when I understood human emotion.
Drin Tashi Apr 2015
The feeling of swimming underwater,

missing someone,

standing on top of a mountain.

The feeling of shedding tears over a movie,

excitment over a kiss,

running for no reason.

The feeling of jumping up and down over a song,

smiling to birds,

being lost after a drunken night out,

is what we should live for.
Drin Tashi Nov 2014
Blury you,
in the fog of nowhere.

I keep trying to focus,
but you seem to fade away.

I try to yell but I can't,
I try to run but I can't.

Yet, you seem to fade away,
in the fog of nowhere.
the song and video version of the poem:
Drin Tashi Nov 2014
I re-experience her,
yes here.
The joy that was lost long ago.
We share again,
we smile again.
I remember the only thing,
the river,
the warmth.
I confess,
something never said before.
We share again,
we smile again.
It wasn't meant to be,
but still,
I wait,
yes here.
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Drin Tashi Jun 2014
There is a place I can't stop thinking about
thinking how  special it was to me
There is a feeling I feel picturing someone else there
someone else feeling the way I used to

It was her special little place
and I know someone else before me was there also
I was her special little company there
and I wanted to be the last one sharing the place

I know it better than the person after me
touching the skin I used to touch
I know it better than the person sitting there
seeing the sights I used to see

Her special little place became our special little place
but now it's gone
Her special little place became my special little memory
but now it's gone

— The End —