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sds Jul 2017
Races to the finish line where if you cant find the middle who cares the beginning is new
sds Jul 2017
he kept trying to convince himself
that he didn't need anyone else
so he spent his days up on a shelf

many hours went by when he just thought
about how independent he was
so without help his battles were fought

sometimes he would almost get worn out
but he had a fear of going soft
so his freedom he never did doubt

without others he could feel alone
although he had grown far much too cold
so he was lonlier than they'd known
sds Jul 2017
She's like the wind shes like the sun what I imagine heaven up above no care in the world only my flame in the night we needent sleep for hearts we need not beat for its just our souls to keep
sds Jul 2017
One upon a time there was a drew he lived in a shoe what could he do it smelled to she was but a fly she couldn't resist the smell of ****, so on in she came whos to blame in my web there I lay night and day ah at last she flew in my shoe caught she couldtn't fly hungry yet am I, so she had to die
sds May 2016
Cold he knew himself to be but with a glimpse of what he missed, his heart had his tears to kiss. Father for where are thee, but in my past to have held my hand, and filled my glass.  My hand you did not hold, for goodbye was the words my heart did know. My hands filled with stones
sds May 2016
Oh, dear glimpse upon your shore no escape nevermore I'm the raven at your door. knocking wanting more tick tock, only the piano to listen to, so dearly as lovely as a voice like yours could sooth
sds May 2016
The flowers have wilted, such as the sun is gone, only tears pour upon my farm. I wish to call once more the lovely tune, but merely its winter and not June
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