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My name is a lie Sep 2015
when someone complains,
Listen and Empathize
when someone brags,
share good news of Others
when someone cries,
Cry with them
when someone laughs,
Laugh along
when someone finally ask you about Yourself
be Brave,
and say the things you've never said before
My name is a lie Jul 2015
You can spout scientific facts all day about why cigarettes are more addictive to those with depression, but the true reason is because the thought of speeding up the decomposition of the mind and body gives thrills; depression makes one race to death.
My name is a lie Jun 2015
You stare into my eyes,
and nod to my words,
yet in your eyes I see nothing
other than frustration
and exasperation.
I learn your ears
are stopped, with what
I do not know.
I realize your heart
is stopped as well.
The beating still struggles on,
for now, but when you look
away or mutter BUT sentences
I know I can't help you now.
I can't being to mend your sorrow
until you pull all your plugs
and allow the pain to flow out
and the words of those
who love you
to flow in.
My name is a lie Jun 2015
ink spills the same as blood
dark and thick
full of pain
releasing hidden desires
the spilling of each is
an art form of necessity
My name is a lie Jun 2015
I will not be Happy
until I can carry the weight
of the World
and still tread Lightly
My name is a lie May 2015
Coffee's cold
Whiskey's drank
Razor's rusty
Book's pages lost
Record scratched
Light's out
Cigarette's smoked
****'s gone

Anything can become an addiction,
yet when you lean on addictions
to distract from life
the problems only span wider
until you're engulfed,
and unable to ignore
the problem was you the whole time.
My name is a lie May 2015
when your Mind wanders
and your thoughts bring Fear
and Nothing makes sense
and the Silence invades
and the lonilessness threatens to Crush you
turn off your phone
keep the TV black
dial back the radio
don't speak
Face your mind
live inside the Fear
Learn to Explore
the vast, dark, damp Cave
of your Mind
There you will find Bravery
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