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Victor Nov 2018
My blind love for you grows stronger with each day
Not a minute is wasted away
As I think of your memorable beauty
I can only imagine
I can only dream of what it would be like
To be in your arms and in your heart

You're the anchor to my Sorrow
Always on my mind before and after Tomorrow

All my endeavours
Smothered and broken
All I want is you
So take this shadow over me
And show me what's true

Under the moonlight you lie in solitude as everything else fades and your beauty is all I see
Give me a sign so I can be set
Victor Oct 2018
The light reflects on my
Starving soul
Waiting for love to embrace
Without a trace of empathy
Left within me
I leave my fate in your hands

Will you wait for me
By the gates of dawn
Or will I fade gently
Into the night all alone
Only time will tell

With a cold and lonely welcoming
The water crawls on me
Another moment to feel alive
In your presence
With every harvest I become weaker with only you left by my
I'll always find the strength to fight
Until dawns light shines upon me
Calling me to you
Victor Oct 2018
With only a whisper of your voice
I would fall in love
With only your soft touch
I would loose all of my sorrow
With no one else to follow
But you
Only you can feel my empty void
In the moonlight as I rest in your eyes
I realise that nothing else matters only you
No lies and no pain
Just your warmth besides me

Each moment grows stronger
Each touch more loving than the last
Heaven is in you and I am not worthy to be in your graceful presence yet you still love me for who I am
And that's all I could ever ask for
Victor Oct 2018
As the sun comes down
My blood drips to the ground
Shattered blades
As promises fade into the night
There's no telling who is right
Only a fading compassion
Of what could be
The battlefield echoes of death
As the calm winds sweep over the fallen
Chosen to die

Rain gently covers them
Only I remain
A harp so close yet so far away
Like peace overtook me within a blink of an eye
Birds sang
And the clouds ran after each other
No more subservience to guide me
Ecstasy took over my agony
I was set free
Free from my iniquity
Victor Sep 2018
I can see her staring at me
Her eyes fixed on me
Like a wolf stalks its prey
Her scent reminiscent of the past
She's so close yet so far away
My heart starts to race
Like I've just been awaken by a nightmare
Her beauty fades as her face turns into an empty skull
Her hair falls like autumn leafs
Slowly carried away by the winds of change
She reminded me that death is always part of life
Fear it or not we all face it
Some soon, some later
With no time frame
Its presence haunts us all
As we see our loved ones fade
Away from our lives.
Victor Sep 2018
What have we become?
Forsaken our innocence
In order to receive lust
In order to obey
Open to death but not to life
The phantom agony haunts
Us all with our ignorance blocking sacred knowledge
Oblivion awaits at our doorstep
Yet our windows are blackened
With false lies
With mistaken judgment

Pride will make us fall
It will divide us all
Twisting nature
To our own compulsion
Silently waiting in disarray

Closed away from each other
Hiding our disease
Within ourselves
Surrounded by pestilence
Waiting to lie
Waiting to die

Intertwined within centuries of dreams
Lost through time
Every little bit we uncover
There's more to find
Undervalued with our mind
Victor Sep 2018
A whisper surrounds the ruins
Of what once was
A peaceful reminder of ancient memories still gathering dust
Memories of bloodshed and love Voices resonating through ancient ruins guiding us to uncover forgotten mysteries
Undiscovered tragedies and
Undiscovered secrets
Ready to unlock the doors of the past with simple curiosity

The feeling of missing nostalgia
Fills the space around us
Guiding us through our emotions and feeling the same emotions as our ancestors
Sun light will forever pierce through empty spaces
Reminding us of what used to be
As echoes of the past continue to resonate beyond time
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