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Douglas Allyn Oct 2010
3 A.M.
We summon sea creatures


Symphonies of reverberated beauty,
We call you to join us on this precious land.
We ask you to cast away your fears
And sing in harmony...
Oh, The Solid Light.

Enter the depths of the carbon colored Euphoria


Words illuminate passion
Beneath the sea
Decadent hordes of colorful kingdoms
Playing exuberant percussion


Salutations to the wise,
Giving us wisdom by way of the sea
Where sailors are lost, floating abroad
And their loves are driven
Waiting for their return
Scouring the horizon with soft, sullen eyes.

Oh Beautiful Choir
We sing this hymn in unision
And attempt our rising of the spirits of the deep.
A reverb, we have chosen


The Delay is gorgeous
It ripples in waves
Douglas Allyn Oct 2010
Asking for directions in this desolate desert
She called on a favor to help her to her descent.
Staring blankly at the Chevy's captain,
He waves her in with a cool warm smile....

"What is your destination, Love?
Are you looking for God?
A reason?
My reason?"

The driver reaches out to grasp her arm
She stands out breathing deep.
Her chest hard as an anvil.
Her breath shallow as atmospheres

"My destination is to where the sun makes cowards of non believers.
Believers into the forgiven.
The forgiven into Angels.
From there I can learn the past and what roads my dreams have traveled on."

Staring at her rising chest the captain sighs deep.
His lips lick with hormonal energy.
He begins to swell.

She has a gun.
She has some fun.
A ride through the desert takes her to destinations
Where no man may return.....
And its there We were made believers of fate.

Over and out.
Douglas Allyn Oct 2010
I can hear the parade of the dead march outside of my windows in the A.M.
The song is beautiful in its eerie way
Orient and magnificent, as if a deity is entering our presence.
I awake silently praying for the love one lost.
The song plays on as I conjure up a story of the soul that once existed.
His hardships
Her joys
His "for heaven's sakes"
Her lonely heartbreaks.
It's all relative since we all share the same amounts of life
No matter the span of time in which we lived.
I decided to move out of my resting period
For there will be enough time to rest
When I am done with what I am here to do.
I've never taken life for granted
And why should anyone do so?
There is so much one can learn when given the opportunity.
I go downstairs and get lost in the crowd
Not to mourn the lost
But to celebrate the life he may have lived.
Yet related.
Douglas Allyn Oct 2010
We all dream to be born in love
To release electricity to energize our lives
To glow as we walk amongst each other in wonder
And to float like the hydra amongst the phosphorescent sea.
Energy permeates from our veins
In the flowers, our essences our caught on a plain.
We look to our Saviors to answer to us why
We hurt as humans when romance dies.
And We turn to ghosts as we glide through the night
And the darkened sea devours all the beauty in sight.
Douglas Allyn Oct 2010
Interrupted by the TV

The white noise whispers trust.

The walls have paintings of children by the waves.

Im lost and this room isnt mine.

The TV's rust now...

I think I'm hungover from being alive.

Why I hear the rain?

The window shows me sun.

Silhouettes again....

I recognize no one.

A summer walk down

The path of Winter's dusk.

A grain of treasure beheld by my kin

Now I am left in dust.

My head refracts the scene

Of these images forgot.

Listen to your words beyond the trees

Listen to your words behind the trees

I'm granted silence, through the words that value nothing but air.

Noir is not a word

It is only a must.

All I can do for you

Is give you a tribute or 2

But I dont have to speak about your glory

For mine means nothing to you

And now we'll never meet

And be aside these city streets.

Orange Fields Tend to be Sour.

— The End —