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Dorian Zorne Oct 2016
Have you ever tried cooking raw flesh?
The sound of searing skin never gets easier to hear
I can’t put on my headphones because the noises leaks through
My face starts melting into pools of blood, but there’s still a smile there
Snapping, breaking, crunching, mastication
I’ll tear two people apart just to sew them together
Legends run from my name
Pearly razors rest beneath my crooked grin
Ever wonder what scares the devil?
Well, that’s me
I’m the scariest ******* to ever have come out of a nightmare
I’m a jigsaw man of horror just waiting for you to open the box
But the gentle thud, when the meat hits the cooker
It makes me cringe
The symphony of a burning soul
That haunts my dreams
Excruciating nausea goes hand in hand with the vexatious sizzle of charring skin
God, grant me the power to break this curse
I can’t handle all of this
Dorian Zorne Sep 2016
I need to get new shoes
The laces won't tie because my hands are shaky
I can't even feel these toes because they're freezing
If my chucks weren't meant to be this muddy why would God make it rain?

My hometown told me to hit the road
They even gave me a map
To a place called "*******"
Sounds nice

I gave a homeless man my coat
And he set it on fire
And said
There's more than two ways to skinn a cat!!

I'd give my soul for my dog,
but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do the same
Makes sense to me
I'm the WORST.

My new best friend keeps asking me to let him go
But he can't leave before the best part!
Because here's when I roll up a twenty-

******* bring it ON!!!!!!
Dorian Zorne Jul 2016
Rhythmic guitar notes pulse through my head
I love these songs
And I love the way you smile when I scream though my headphones
You mouth the words to me so I can hear my tunes
And I love you for that

Now you're asleep in my bed
Our day was long, and you're passed out now
So I take pictures of you, and put them all over my room
And you say I'm good with my hands
And I say thanks
Because that's all I know

So call me tomorrow
Call me every **** night
And when you flash your phone through my window, I know it's time to run

Let's go, because I'm sad
I think I'm losing it
Dorian Zorne May 2016
Three little boys but one of them is smaller
The other two, the same
The small one is me

I'm not small anymore
The years were kind
But they also tried to **** me
Oh well

That boy, the one on the hard to pronounce road
He wouldn't like me
He'd take one look and refuse to believe that's who he'd turn out to be

The other two boys where are they?
Oh we left them way back, when the pills started poppin'
And the smoke started rising
Because we've got a taste for the finer things

Well did we find love like we always wanted?
Love? No, but a lot of delirious suffering
Tears shed on the ones we wanted
And for the ones that got away

Does anything get better?
Well once you exhale and the white whisps crawl out your mouth
The world shines for a small moment
Before you have to put it out, and strap 'The Man' back onto your feet

Well are we at least happy?
Sure, when the lips form an 'O' downstairs
Or when grass is cheaper than gas
Or when the small marks on our arms start to fade

That all sounds awful, why do we do it?
Because life's a wheel that keeps on turning
And our stop is not for a few more blocks

Everything goes ******* nineteen kid
The days get longer
And the pain gets tougher and tougher
We could learn to fight it
Beat back the pain and become the champion you want
But why do that, when we can just light this here joint
And ignore it all
I'm so numb
Dorian Zorne May 2016
You've got three thing to tell me
Get up
Get moving
Get going
And one day I'll reach you

Come see me
Come on over
Come get me
These thing come out of your mouth one after the other
Almost like you say them
To all the boys.....

You're amazing
You're wonderful
You're a real beauty
Keep on building me up, only to keep knocking me down
I'm worse than ruin
Because I won't stop trying
My once wonderful palace of stone and gold
Becomes a castle of wood that's rotted and old

I love you
I want you
I need you
Things I keep expecting to hear or read when you send news my way
I open up my feelings with eager eyes
And let your vague writings fill my damp, tattered and deflated ego
Did you know
I think of you every day
Not of heated nights, with petals and drained champagne
Even walks down the sandy stretch under a mystical night sky
I think of simple moments the most

Please hold me
Please kiss me
Please make the pain go away
These mutterings belong to me
Words I repeat like a cultish chant deeply in throat
Every time I hope I am running through your eclectic mind

So I know you, who's life is faced paced and full
Will never look my way with longing and desire
You won't stay up late summer nights saying my name in your head
You won't even read this sad excuse of a backhanded proclamation of love
Better yet
If this does cross your eyes
And you somehow make it to the end of my rant
You'll still never believe that I'm wailing about YOU

So I've got three more things that I need to say
I love you
I love you
I love you
It's fine you don't feel this way... I'm learning to get by
Dorian Zorne Apr 2016
I stared down at my foe
Lying on the dense forest floor
Bloodied and broken
Harsh shallow breaths,
from both parties are the only thing that break the silence
The calm after our bout of champions
I reach down, with my knuckles wounded and wet
And pull his face close to mine
"You want to remember, boy, that I play to win" I say
"Like the scorpion said to the girl as she lay dying
'You knew I was poison when you picked me up'".
Dorian Zorne Apr 2016
Soft breaths against my forehead
I wake to find you asleep next to me
Gentle sunlight creeps through the window and becomes a third lover in our bed
Your wild hair spilling over your face and onto your pillow like loose gold
The open window letting in the sounds of the early morning day
The city sounds are almost melodic when I'm lying next to you
And then it hits me
Not all at once like a ton of bricks
But like the rising tide, slow and delicate
This is a moment that I would never give up
Not for promises of riches and glory
Or even for my most insane desires
This is a moment that I would be happy to live in
For the rest of my life
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