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Donna Arden Jul 2014
Often in my life
I find myself in a warm corner
Linking words to the feelings
Producing emotions
Funneling through me.
Uncomplicated to simplify
'What is,... is'
Yet far more adventurous to plot
A fairytale of what if's  ...

Why would it be anything ,
but the warmest aroma of Hot Chocolate
Or  slight scent of a Vanilla  Pod
To establish a setting of the smallest events that have change your life in a second
Only to be continued with the thrill of  turbulence introduced

Perhaps our existence is merely just a story
A story of Time


July 2014
Donna Arden Jul 2014
'You knocked on my door
I opened
You kissed my lips
I responded
An accident meeting
We were both present in
I came out privileged
No regret - in turn
Another Learn
Donna Arden Jul 2014
The belief , where the density comes from..and builds up.
Find the belief, that's what's causing the pain. Layers over each other.
Feel the feelings...
Feel the pain
Let it out
Release it
If you want to work through it .. feel the pain.
Important to tell the truth as best as you can , the more  you tell the truth ,the more you release it
All the beliefs become energetic logs

Donna Arden Jul 2014
As a child
Mostly I remember I loved swinging
I lived hanging out on windowsills
I especially loved the storybook corner

Today I sit in that corner
With all my characters beside me
The vivid memories of swings
Of a cheerful noise in the yard
A pillow giggle
A punch of Judy "
Come together in my comer
A storybook of childhood
A meeting of indestructible friendship to be rekindled after decades
My true family
Donna Arden Jun 2014
I feel as though I have spent 8 years
Re writing the same character
Portraying the same role
Changing a suitable title
The endless idealist
Like the struggle of the activist
Against emotional crimes

JUNE 2013
Donna Arden Jun 2014

Human tale in a frame , audience can indulge in fantasy ,left with gorgeous memories
A world that seems so far away and Unreachable ... Imagination
All you have to do step inside ...

March 2014
Donna Arden Jun 2014
The transparent view from my window
- In Resonance -
Dazzled by illusion- In bold print
Merely meandering  in darkness
Saturated at times
Sealed  in solitude
Cleared by the dazzle of diaspora
A collage of time- Presented itself
In the wastelands of my soul
Whispered these words beside me, in the midst of one tiny moment
Of fresh, tangible crispness.
Greetings of friendship, surety , trust, integrity..................Forgiveness .
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