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dj Jan 2014
finally escaping from a burning building
after being trapped for what seemed like an eternity.
i stayed in there with you for as long as i could
the fire stung my skin
and inflamed my lungs
and my heart ached as it pumped smoke saturated blood through my veins
i feared being reduced into a pile of ash
if not already done so...
nevertheless, i escaped.
you were not worth the burns, scars, and black lungs
that i got from sitting in that burning building with you

dj Jan 2014
being trapped in a burning building
until the thick smoke burnt my lungs.
i stayed with you
beneath the flames
even though it was slowly killing me.
all around me i watched everything burn;
the had beens and once was-es
reduced to smokey nothingness.
my naive lungs filled with smog
still would not leave you.
maybe it was my clouded judgement
due to the the lack of oxygen
that made me think
the fire would evaporate the tears as well...

dj Jan 2014
i tried to get you out of my veins
but i cut vertically;
they could not stitch me up


— The End —