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Feb 2012 · 881
A Once Supposed Truth
A once supposed truth
is always breaking down somewhere,
with someone.

A little boy interested in dinosaurs
finds out they evolved into birds
and are all around us.

He watches a chicken outside and says,
"I do not want to eat dinosaur eggs
this morning mom."
He held on all night.
The crystal was attached by a string
which his guides attached to a rope
held by his higher self.

In the morning he killed another dinosaur.
He ate its carcass raw.
Meditating in the crystal star light
he dreamed about the days when language
would describe his existence to children.

Far in the future they will know of us.
Children will be fed stories and know
the lizards are among them still.
The children's books will be of great importance.
Look to them for solutions from the grave.
Feb 2012 · 3.6k
Baby Dinosaur
One day the sun shine fell hard in rainbows
and after igniting the tops of the trees in gold
the whole rest of the day was spent watching the Gods
leave foot prints all over this great brown earth.

The little baby dinosaur stretches his little tummy in a yawn
and curling around a soft fern
looks up into the night sky.
Amazing it thinks, just amazing,
and pulls the flowers over himself to sleep.

— The End —