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 Feb 2014 Dimas Dumas
Once (or twice if you are lucky) in your life you will get that little electrical reaction between the gap of your ribs. A little exciting kind of pain. Unlike the one you made in your wrist, with rusty old blade you desperately unhook from a sharpener. This pain lasted. In a good way, like your first tattoo or a scar you get from falling from your first bike ride. The happy memories, happy thoughts from a little old healed wound.

I might say, well indeed I believe you didn't believe me at all. But trust me, you will feel it. You might be confused on how someone can light up your whole day in a blink of their eyes. And totally turn it upside down with just an additional 'hello' or 'good morning' but if that hurts you, wait. Just wait until they tell you they love you back and there goes your entire life. Back to zero. Back t that happy memories of actually getting that new scooters you really want. Before the 2 wheels bike brought you down the heel and hurt your knee. Before everything.

Trust me. Trust someone that stay all along. Trust the person who listen and stay quiet. Trust the one that listen and went mad. Trust the one who listen with their heart. You will fall in love before you know you fall. You will love before you know what love is. Because that's how you know. That's how you get hurt and that's how it turns out to matters.

And we move along. Like I've been here along.
If I could, I will be.
à 3h du matin, en double milieu,
mi-chemin entre le jour & la nuit

mais tes mains sont déjà sur moi
& nous ne sommes qu’au vestiaire
qu’est-ce que t’es chaude ce soir

descendons au tréfonds du terrier
allez, on va prendre un verre,
allez, on va s’égarer un peu,

dans le flou, parmi toutes ces créatures,
qui n’ont jamais connu ce soif inassouvi
celui qui brûle & pousse & crie à haute voix

ça me plait comment tu danses,
comment tu te relâches & comment
tu laisses la musique t’avaler entière

un peu comme ces mains cherchent
à me faire là, pressées à trouver
des miettes de sentiments bien faux

allez, on va aller aux toilettes,
pour discuter tout ce que tu veux,
& rejoindre la fameuse Dame Blanche

puis, on va aller danser sur la piste
où je te montrerai ce corps fragile
& tout dont il est capable à détruire

ce morceau est hypnotique, autant qu’un poème,
mes hanches te crachent le message,

celui que tu n’entends pas de toute façon

allez, viens on va fumer à l’étage mais
tu parles trop vite cherchant à fouiller ta chair,
un vide-grenier nocturne de ton esprit

les trémoussements de tes mains solides,
font une résistance contre l’aube, disant
genre, je m’en fou, c’est juste que…

je te veux

english translation

3 am, in double milieu,
halfway between day & night

but your hands are already on me
& we’re only just now checking our coats
you’re clearly feeling hot tonight

reaching the depths of the rabbit’s hole
“come, let’s go get a drink”
“come, let’s go lose ourselves a bit”

in the crowd, amongst all these creatures
who’ve never known this never-ending thirst
the one that burns, pushes & cries aloud

i like it how you dance
how you release yourself & how
you let the music swallow you whole

a bit like those hands are looking
to do to me, hurried to find
crumbles of terribly false feelings

"come, let’s go to the bathroom”
& talk about anything you’d like
& meet up with Snow white

then, let’s go dance on the floor
where I’ll show you this delicate body
& everything it’s capable of destroying

this song is hypnotic, as much as a poem,
my hips spit to you the message
the one you don’t hear anyways

“come, let’s go smoke upstairs” but
you’re talking too fast, trying to dig up your skin
a nocturnal emptying out of your spirit

the fidgeting of your strong hands
creates a resistance against dawn, saying,
something like, *“I don’t give a ****, it’s just that..”

“I want you”
French, en français

— The End —