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Devontae Sep 2013
little boys
with dreams
of paper planes
were never
meant to scrape
the sky; keep
your head from
the clouds kid,
only birds were
meant to fly
Devontae Sep 2013
He resists
the urge to
cut by
at his wrists
but as the
Tears run
down his
face the
blade becomes
harder to resist
Devontae Sep 2013
What is love ?
Love is, compassionate, never ending thoughts of someone. Seeing them everyday without seeing them in person, Love is never wanting to close your eyes with the sense of losing the sight of you. Love is, giving you heaven even knowing putting my self through hell just for you, it's wanting to hold you til my arms can't no more, kiss you til my lips no more. See you til my eyes no more even if I went blind I can still just hold you even more. Love is, seeing that light in someone that never ending feeling when you are with them, that rush of emotions that make you feel happy. You smile more then you ever have, your stomach releases butterfly's that've morft from their deep darkest corners of your stomach. Love is, blind to the sight, death to the sound but felt in the Heart.
Devontae Sep 2013
I want your
breath to roll
over my lips
like fog
to the cold
December wind
whistling through
the snow
sheltered pines

                                                                          You're all
                                                           four seasons
                                            rolled into
                             one, you're
                    the cold
                                             snow in
                                                            the warm
                                                                            July sun
Devontae Sep 2013
As she grew up
she would play
hide & seek
but the game
never ended;
she's still hiding
her scars
and still
seeking happiness
Devontae Sep 2013
I Kiss you on the Lips While our tongues Finally meet ,

Hands Start too Cuddle While our Hearts Begin to Speak .

Feelings Get Unraveled from Our head to our Feet ,

****** Feelings Start to rise While Bad Feelings went to Sleep.

the Deeper I Go your legs Begin to Feel so Weak ,

you begin too Scream my name louder and Weep.

Our Bodies Sweat Like someone cut on the Heat ,

After I Made you *** My Mission Was COMPLETE..
Devontae Sep 2013
If I ,

If I Sent you my Love in a Message,
Would you Read it
If i Said i Loved You,
would You mean it
If i Said i wanted to make you My girl,
Would you be it
If I Said i Wanted you so Bad,
Would you believe me
IF i Gave You the World,
Would You give me What is needed
Would you give me all your Love,
While i give you mine
Would we Be Two Hands on a Clock,
And Spend Time
Even when your not in my Heart,
Your on my Mind
I Dont Want to Lose You,
I Know you dont want to Lose me too
So Can we Do this love thing Right,
Survive this Love Fight
Smiling in the Morning from Yesterdays Beautiful Goodnight♄
But only if i ..
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