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Jun 2020 · 216
Devan Anderson Jun 2020
Your body
Resonates an
Energy that
I want to bask in
Nov 2015 · 207
Devan Anderson Nov 2015
I wonder
How it would
Feel to spark a flame,
Watch it ignite,
To light my
Flesh on fire,
And sear the very
Skin from my body.
To allow
The white of
My brittle bones
To blacken and charr.
I wonder if
I would suddenly
Feel some
Sort of warmth
In my bones.
We are so cold here,
My soul and I,
So very damp and cold.
Its like a hurricane
Inside of these
Bones I call home.
So if I was to
Really and truely
Ignite my bones,
Would it warm
This hearth that
Has been as cold as death
For so very long?
Or will I simply burn,
While others use my light
To continue on
Their own path
As if my screaming
Is only background noise,
Gravel crunching underfoot
On their journey?
Will I only burn
For others to take my light,
And leave me to
my own conflagration
Until all I am
Is ash and dust?

— The End —