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The cigarette pressed between my lips is addictive,
but baby you are my drug. The addiction with you only gets worse i am almost sure you will **** me first.
We kept going, without looking back
but you and i both knew they were on our track
so we drove faster with sirens blaring behind,
and now its too late because we made this mistake.
So lets love our last love and end this together.
I am my sister’s silence
                And hand me downs
                The dry skin under her eyes
                 And the holes in her stockings
I am my brother’s mistakes
                And broken pencil leads  
                His empty room
                 And his unfinished books
I am my mother’s tears
                 And her poems
                Her paint water
                 And the map above her desk
I am my father’s laugh
                And discard cigarettes
                The sunflower seeds beneath his bed
                And his mother’s jade
I am my parent’s lost love
                Born from coffee foam
                Floating above bitter
                Easy to swallow
                But difficult to describe
I am a child
              I am easily bruised
             And like my scars
             My smile will fade
It's a beautiful thing when two people are equally obsessed and infatuated with each other and don't care about anything else
drive me past the city limits
and lets lay on the hood of your car
you can put your hand on my chest
and feel my heart imploding
just like the stars we are pretending
to watch in the nights sky,
a million kilometers away.....
and already dead.
No matter how hard we try
No matter how much we want it
Some stories just don't have a happy ending .

— The End —