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Dennis Go Dec 2010
Darkness, can I talk
To you for a moment?

You must be what light
Conveys yo to be -
Lonely and desperate.

Still as the tides of the ocean,
You waited for the chance
That could bring midnight alive,
But but in vain.

All's left was
The shadow of an unloving star,
Destitute and barren.

So it is like when I met her.

So it is like.

She smiled
When I turned away.
Dennis Go Jul 2010
With death
I send
My regards.

To the grave
I place
My spirit.

To the ashes
I dissolve
My soul.

To you
I conclude
That death

And his form.
Dennis Go Jul 2010
The moment you left me
I see myself walking away
With nowhere left to go,
Nowhere else to stay.

I see it all fly:
The memories, the promises.
No reason for me to live on.
The pain left me all in silence.

Gone swiftly like the wind
Seeing those memories falter...
Nothing is clear with me
Living without you forever.

I'll try to live my life
The way I did without you,
But love shattered it all
Now I can never even forget you.

How could I be so blind?
Reasons still remain unclear.
You left me for good, that's all I know;
Right here all in tears.
Dennis Go Jul 2010
Wise men tell their tales
Of yesteryear
With vigor and pride
To youngsters and noblemen
In accordance
With their passion
To teach.

Fools tell their stories
Of mockeries
With evil and filth
To ascertain encomium
In accordance
With their pleasure
To scorn.

Young ones keep silent
And understand
As the words are drawn
From both the fool and the wise
In accordance
With their desire
To learn.
Dennis Go Jul 2010
I, Yellow.

No different
Than others.

Whites on Whites...

Blacks on Blacks...

Browns on Browns...


How will it be
When the tie

Diverging colors?
Dennis Go Jul 2010
Pinpoint me
Towards light
For its passage
Is never visible.

Shun death
And take my hand
For the eternal travel
Of souls.

The place is dark.
I can't walk with my own
Guiding lamp, no more oil
Left to burn.
Dennis Go Jul 2010
One who flies away
Never returns, saddening
All what matters most
In a deranged life
Of individuals. Bitter
Words have enough say
As grief speaks in a similar
Tongue, plainly in blank
****** expressions with
No feeling whatsoever.
Only the recurring image
Of wings flapping stay
Undisturbed of life's decoy.
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