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Deniz Oct 4
Our goodbyes were less like a whisper
And more like a violent storm
That blew all the houses away—
Ripping every tree at the root—
Leaving no hope.
So many words left unspoken,
Turned into pieces of the wind
And hysteria and insanity filled
Every corner of my bones.
I kept wishing I was alone
But now that I am
I can’t stand being on my own.
Deniz Sep 5
The violence of silence
Fills this mind
Cutting my face
From ear to ear
But there are no smiles
Laying behind these eyes
Only heartbreak
And empty promises
Filled with lies.
Deniz Aug 16
To the ghost that haunts these walls,
I wish you would show yourself to me.
We can share a laugh over tea,
Discuss all the books you read
Over my shoulder
When you think I know not.
Talk about how
Juliet should have left for
someone better,
What it was like living in your times.
I imagine jazzy music flowing
through the window that is now mine
Converse about the souls we left behind
In lands so far away;
How we both feel this emptiness inside;
Stare at the wall to pass the time;
And in our loneliness, we learn to hide.
Deniz Jul 30
Each heart plays a different melody,
Calling a lost soul with notes to
Finish the tune.
Two halves of one whole
Finally together—
Fated by the stars—
Returned to one another
With the plucking of heartstrings
And the completion of                 a
Deniz Jul 25
The Sun warms the face,
sand like sprinkles on sunburnt legs,
water a cool blanket running to and fro
from shore
to horizon.
A reaching hand,
fluttering beach dress
dancing with the cool east wind
drenched in salty water,
and slowly become placid.
The sea like a siren sings,
beckoning a soul to submerge.
The breathe
escapes the lung;
bubbles come to a halt;
the body finally at rest
with so many words
left unexpressed.
Deniz Jul 20
She holds the universe
Bottled up and kept close
But like a broken sink
Leaks into this world
The light from the stars
Coursing through her veins
And running from her fingertips—
An out of control hurricane
Escapes onto the page
Coloring every mess she’s made.
Deniz Jul 3
All my dark and grey thoughts
Move in and cloud my mind;
Morphing my vision,
Making me colorblind.
inspired by a picture from pinterest
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