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Astronaut Apr 2014
Having you to azan our first child
Holding my hands when i'm in pure pain
Supporting me when i feel low
Being my strength in everything

Making him everyone's idol
Hearing his laughter every single day
Seeing your face closely
Hugging you tightly when scared

Sitting under a tree with him
Running here & there to catch us
Falling on the green grass
Crying then making cute sad face

Don't you ever want that to happen?
I do :)
Astronaut Apr 2014
Losing you was never been my request
Seeing you with other girls was like
striking my heart deeply with an arrow
Wishing you can take it back

Do you ever think of me now?
I was screaming for your name
Every second, every minute
Can you hear me?
Astronaut Mar 2014
As sleep invades me foggy mind
My subconscious rampages about
visions bloom in front of my eyes
That I could surely live without
paranoia drenches my thoughts from
Simple thoughts and dreams
& the hidden Hell I sewed shut
Begins to break at the seams

I want to live inside my head
where everyone is mad
& living in that corrupted world
Would it really be so bad?
I wonder what I'd be
if I traveled to my mind
I could give all of this up
& leave it far behind.

& as I fall asleep now
Laying in my bed
I hope to dream a dream
Where I don't end up dead
One where Alice beheads the queen
& everything is right.
I want to be that Alice
I suppose now goodnight
Astronaut Mar 2014
How could the world be so cruel?
Spreading coffee with black peppers
Mixing tea with pink rock salt
Adding poison to the nicest heart
Giving thorns for a new life

Why are we living like this?
Things must change
Rain pelts heavily on roof
Rainbows can inspire even for a while
Sun helps plants to grow

But we will never understand

— The End —