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Demaree Nov 2013
The hand of the clock continues its course forever.
We are at its mercy.

"But, wait! All I want is a moment," you say.
Just a single minute to hold in the palm of your hand.
You want to remember it for all time.
Can't you just have a second?

Such a small request,
yet it goes unnoticed,
tossed aside without hesitation.

There is no pause in time.
The hand of the clock continues its course forever.
Demaree Nov 2013
If there are no tears,
it cannot be true.

If there is no anguish,
nothing is wrong.

I cannot remove the mask.
It holds the broken pieces together,
yet, with the mask, they are not broken.

If there is no emotion,
we are fine.

If there are no tears,
(maybe) everything will be ok.
Demaree Oct 2013
How does a dream begin?
As a single battle
With a vision to win

How does a dream grow?
As a single flower
Alone, able to bloom in the snow

How does a dream end?
As a single car
Turning too fast around the bend

How does a dream survive?
As a single hope
With love and care, kept alive
Demaree Oct 2013
I think I've spent my life waiting for her.

With bated breath,
I've stood on  tiptoe
scanning the passing crowd.

With clenched fist,
I've held back tears
insisting that she was just around the bend.

With wavering voice,
I've made desperate claims
assuring myself and others that we would meet soon.

Yet, when
for the first time, I recognize her countenance.
She isn't what I'd pictured or even hoped for,
but the familiarity is comforting nonetheless.
She - her - the awaited identity - is not a foreign dream.
She is the face staring back in the mirror.
The reflection I've known for years.

But for the first time, upon seeing her, I stop waiting.
Demaree Oct 2013
What if there was no past?
What if every morning we woke anew?
If we didn’t remember the last

What if there was no future?
What if all we did was in the moment?
If we didn’t need to secure the final suture

What if all we had was now?
What if it was just a single second with nothing attached?
If we weren’t worried about the final bow

What if we could speak without constraint?
What if we weren’t concerned with the ifs and buts?
If we didn’t care how the words could taint

Would we say what we’ve been feeling all along?
Or would we be left silent with it all on the line?
If it were only the present, would it all go wrong?
Demaree Oct 2013
The face can show what words cannot convey
The sorrow we know: the tears on the cheek
It can reveal the love we cannot say

A promise on the lips: we won't betray
The spark in the eye: dreams to each unique
The face can show what words cannot convey

The worries we have known: a wisp of gray
A smile on the lips: a joy we seek
It can reveal the love we cannot say

The hair in the eye: one loss in our day
The grimace of pain: knowing we are weak
The face can show what words cannot convey

The chin sunk down low: the hardships that weigh
A glance up and down: desires we peek
It can reveal the love we cannot say

The heart may be shown through the eyes that may
Sparkle with tears we cannot help but leak
The face can show what words cannot convey
It can reveal the love we cannot say
Demaree Oct 2013
Though continuous, time does not let us forget
Small reminders of life we thought had passed us by

A voice can make us turn without our knowing why
A glimmer of a tone we once knew

A routine action can suddenly hold meaning
A time spent together we thought to be a passing moment

Perhaps we live too slowly
We allow our past to bring us to a standstill
To make us question that which we cannot undo

Did we do enough?
Or did we leave undone what mattered most?

Did they know?
Or did we forget to tell them how much we cared?
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