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Simran Sinha Jan 2017
Tumbling Down a Gyre

Tumbling down a gyre
Drowning in an abyss,
Waves of sunlight and wind
Ceaselessly break on my shores;
I'm ready to cave in.
the misty taste of twilight still lingers
on my tongue.
I'm drunk of desires, dreams
and hope;
But i know I'm chasing the stars.
And sometimes I've been kissed by an angel,
And sometimes I've been kissed by a devil,
The angels tell me to stay in the sun,
But i find myself lurking in the night.
Who is winning?
Is there a light at the end of this  tunnel?
A bottom to this abyss?
Perhaps the gyre will stop spinning.
Perhaps it'll be over soon.
Perhaps the sun will dance with the moon.

— The End —