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Delaney Meyers Nov 2013
I didn’t know you could suppress something
so adamantly and at the same time feel it
so deeply, so completely.  
My Head and my Heart are both
positively charged parts and they push
and push
and they squeeze,
Trying to reconcile like a
Mother and Daughter after Daughter says
“mamma, I’m not a ****** anymore”,
Wanting desperately to be given the a-okay and
rush together with a clap so strong
it would make people roll up their car windows and
call in their cats
cause there’s about to be a storm.
It’s already got winds up to 50 knots and
I haven’t even allowed it a breeze yet!
My rebellious child,
so unruly without Mother’s consent,
How will she react when Mother finally says,
“Alright child, you can come out now, it’s safe for us outside”.
But she hasn't heard the weather report and
She hasn't called her cats inside and
I’m afraid
because when that day comes
We’ll be the ones blindly content
in the trees near the flagpole by the lake,
because our sanity is no longer at stake.
And we’ll get struck by lightning.
Delaney Meyers Oct 2013
Dear Stars,
Whether you be of now, or of moments long forgotten;
Do not think of me.
Whether you dangle near, or amongst many silken companions;
Do not consider me one of them.
Whether you observe life, or glimpse only the vast expanse of black;
Please. Do not see me.
For I came from you;
And until I again return,
There could be no greater injustice.

— The End —