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Dechanteur Feb 2015
She's becoming wispy
Over things making her witty
Till the root hold her strong
Stand still the unshaken trunk.

While the wordplay games are vague
Searching for the unintended luck
God, help her grasp while she's trying to dive
As she behold the blue-sky thinking on the meaning of life.
Dechanteur Dec 2014
The blindness in despair
The sorrow hidden from the heir
She threw herself in the outcast
She sought for something beyond the solace

Idealism is her weakness
Idealism is her strength
Idealism is the driven force
Idealism is the stepping stone
Idealism is for the optimist
Dream on, an idealist.

God, we speak about serenity
To You everyone remains sane
Love all the trouble we have sinned
For the allure and grace begin.
Dechanteur Dec 2014
What a painful reality. People being absurd, trying to leave the manifest universe, chasing after dreams and success that at times they forget to take a step behind the ladders that might tremble, too shaken over the false beliefs. If we do it slow, look out every possibility in the vast sky, to know which to pluck first, pluck later or never pluck the fruit of ideas, life will be a little less messy. Sometimes, the best is not to wonder too much, let yourself breath, and the whole universe with the faith of prayers to God will follow you living the way He had beautifully wrote.
Dechanteur Dec 2014
As she lay her head wide awake
Stare over the wall of craves
Cliche little wallflower
Trying to climb up the Paris tower

The alternate unkempt and austere manner
Tell-tale sign she will dissappear
Her mind lost in Northern Hemisphere
What a wise, savant meanderer.
Dechanteur Nov 2014
Meandered through every fissure of the brain
Thoughts gone haywire
God, I believe you test me big time
May You fed this soul with beautiful rhyme.

This heart of mine is not a toy
No, dear do not fall for boys
You were surrounded with thorns
Safe, secured, in hope all these by gone.
Dechanteur Oct 2014
Yellow sunshine of the heart beats
The good morning vibe trying to speak
The flowers blooming, never want to wilt
It's a spiritual journey of the soul being preached.

Fragments gathered
Puzzle of life bewildered
Disconnected from reality
Idle, quiescent, creating a legacy.

Happiness comes from within
May people find their ways to blend in.
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